On Success: personal insight

Being a pool player

“Throughout human history, the odds used to calculate the outcome of human beings overcoming obstacles have never reached a point of guarantee. this is simply because of the greatest variable factor of all time. Human ingenuity. ” Mazen Al-Ali

That being said, there is no way of telling what the outcome of what we’re trying to do may be. we cannot rely on any of these calculations to achieve certainty. but there is only one simple and undeniable fact, if attempts are continually being made, there will be no end but success – given enough time. but it would be incredibly silly to try the same thing over and over again.but because of human arrogance towards failure, we see examples of people repeating the same mistakes over and over again. to the point where it’s simply degrading.

That being said, when do we stop? how do we tell when it’s time to stop? there are many ways to do that. it could one or more of the points below:

1- depletion of desire towards the objective. this can be because of boredom or anything similar. in cases of romance, it may very well be the depletion of certain hormones.

2- lack of faith, no believing in yourself can result into the loss of desire. go back to point one.

3- Cost benefit analysis. when it’s simply not worth it anymore.

4- New objectives that clear the old ones.

now there are plenty of other reasons for why we stop. but it all comes down to how much we want to achieve one thing or the other and how long we can maintain that desire. if you’ve ever played a competitive sport, where you had to run, fight, think, jump, dodge, throw harder and better and faster than the other person, in lots of cases, it’s the one that doesn’t quit first that wins. but that may not be the case when the challenger “the other person” is much more able than yourself. in that case, we develop our skills to reach equal ground. we keep trying even though we know that we’re not equals. and if we tried hard enough, we win! that simple.

but don’t get me wrong. that doesn’t mean that we should always keep trying. for instructions on when to stop, please refer to the four points above. or just throw them down the bin, like a fighter, who’s often called stupid, arrogant, silly and maybe even self destructive, and keep trying. in that case, i can guarantee inevitable success. not because of skill or any of the points that I’ve mentioned. but simply because if we used our heads for long enough, we find shortcuts to success that come in the strangest or most unpredictable of forms. some call it luck, i call it perseverance.




PS: i may not be correct on many of the things i mentioned, but it helps to beleive.


~ by Mazz on 13 December, 2008.

2 Responses to “On Success: personal insight”

  1. Wow! This post came at really the right time for me. Thanks 🙂

  2. no prob! i just blurt out stuff occasionally and hope someone relates to them 🙂

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