Winged Darkness

winged darkness

Your lost phantoms
and your ignorant smiles
are no more than a bird
flying into more darkness
in the past
and in the forgotten memory
of what lay cast
upon a shadow of a wall
a hint of a disregard
and more of a broken bottle
someone without a guard.

long passed
and reborn
like the phoenix that they are
an incandescent candle
and a never ending fountain.

there is more.
so much more.
and no
no no
nothing is lost.

I am more.
Thank you
you lost…
and ignorant soul.


~ by Mazz on 9 December, 2008.

3 Responses to “Winged Darkness”

  1. anta tafh o xxxx xxxxxx

    This comment was edited by Mazz – the author is an XXXXX

  2. nothing is ever lost
    just forgotten
    in the realms of the past

    Brilliant. love your style.

  3. The beginning so complex all mounting down to a simple and yet so emotional ending…
    “I am more.
    Thank you
    you lost…
    and ignorant soul.”
    We are more, indeed, when we let go of those things that pull us back… When we set ourselves and our souls free from their clutches and just be… Be what we can be, who we can be…

    I love the way u play with words and subtly mingle nature with emotions… The images flow so smoothly when I read ur words…

    Great job Maz…

    Miss u loads

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