Kan Fi Khareef

Like the sands

كان في خريف
مش مثل اي خريف
مشي عالرمل
و ما ترك وراه
اي دليل لأي طريق
مثل ما أجى مش مثل ما راح
بس يالله
لسا في ناس مناح


~ by Mazz on 12 November, 2008.

2 Responses to “Kan Fi Khareef”

  1. Sometimes the four seasons pass with no trace, no change, and even no nothing… but as you’ve concluded.. lessa fe ‘7air fe el7ayaaaah (my interpretation of what you’re saying) 😀

  2. thanks secratea, you’re there!
    the seasons of life will pass whether you notice them or not.

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