Do these people have some secret source of information we don’t know about?


i mean, really! 68% of almost 500 people think that there are officials involved in a human trafficing case…17% think that they aren’t. and a mere 15% do not know. of all the above, i’m one of the 15%. because my source of information about this matter is the newspapers. i have not seen any evidence to support either direction. so why would i want to assume any? really! why can’t people wait to see the evidence before pronouncing verdict?

if anything, this indicates one or more of many things, to name a few:

1- Little faith in government officials.
2- Listening to rumors. and following them, spreading them, believing them…
3- some people have too much faith in government officials.
4- ……

what do you think?

Stats from on monday 8th of sep.2008. at noon-ish


~ by Mazz on 8 September, 2008.

3 Responses to “Do these people have some secret source of information we don’t know about?”

  1. I would vote yes based on past experience.

    As you listed, people have lost faith in gov officials. Also, I won’t count on any credible evidence being released by the government. They will, as usual, cover it up and ask people not to believe romurs!

  2. Whoever created that poll was asking a silly question, naturally people will give a silly answer. What did they expect.

  3. hmmm
    past experiences are somewhat of an indicator that there’s more chance for it to be true. however, it is not evidence.

    and yes
    to hani

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