is it just me or is noor…

just effin’ hullarious!

it only took 30 seconds of their “drama” to get me laughing out loud

OMG this is too funny

this is just too much




~ by Mazz on 27 August, 2008.

5 Responses to “is it just me or is noor…”

  1. ya3ni haik! 😀

  2. So true.

    I watched a scene once, when Muhannad, has a daughter, and then runs to a field, starts shouting like a lunatic in the worst dubbing I’ve ever witnessed on TV


    And then its starts pouring cats and dogs, within a circle around him, whilst everything else in the field was dry.

    That was my 30 seconds experience with noor that made me vow not to watch it ever again.

  3. la2 esma3 hal mosebeh elle jaay lol
    bye7ko eno fe mosalsal jdeed la muhannad o lamees ma3 ba3ad jay!
    akalna hawa lol

  4. oh this will never come to an end. as long as there are those who watch it, there are those who will make it.



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