On Beirut

First off, Beirut is a wonderful city that you just fall in love it. like a person falls in love with an other. I’ve never been anywhere with so much CHARACTER! that city literally speaks to you. it says things like “Come in! grab a chair and relax!”, and “take a chill pill dude! rawwe2”
it’s quite different from any other place I’ve been.

staying at a 4 star hotel was cheaper than i thought it would be, but that’s only cause i have a friend there that hooked me up! 50$ a night is a STEAL!

How i got there:

on last Thursday, went down to abdali, took a cab with two other guys and it cost me 45 JDs. and because there was a Tiesto concert on thursday at Forum de Beirut, there were all kinds of people from all over the middle east going to beirut and the road to beirut took us around 7.5 hours. “well worth every second”

What i did:
i arrive at the hotel, take a quick shower, and then head streight to Tiesto. thousands and thousands of people were already there at 10. i mean THOUSANDS “it was close to 20K when i arrived, or so i heard, i didn’t stop to count”! looking around the streets on the way “took a service taxi that only charged me 2000 lebanese, which is 1 JD. or about 1.5$” i saw a fiesta of expression. everywhere i looked, i saw an expression, a thought, an idea, a statement. it was beyond thrilling to see all kinda of people with the love of music. and of course, it being beirut, and TIESTOOOO, it was one heck of an experience that i can’t wait to do again!

at around 3 am, i thank the lebanese people i hooked up with for a great time, and i take a cab ride back home. this time a taxi ride,not a sevice taxi ride so it cost me around 6 $. which is fine really cause i’m on vacation.

waking up the next morning, still shaking off that massive base sound from my skull, i head down to the breakfast area for a quick caffeine fix which did not take any effect what so ever…later on, i met with one of my dear friends and flickr buddy Robin for breakfast

I could talk for HOURS! but i’m going to post a few photos i took, and then some more later on when i get the chance!
bottom line






~ by Mazz on 9 August, 2008.

4 Responses to “On Beirut”

  1. And then.. I got a call from Life..
    And then.. I met life..
    And then.. I took a nice photo of life and Roben..
    But i wonder.. where is that photo! :D:D
    weeeeen el sorah ya mazz 🙂

  2. And damn it.. that breakfast Looks so GOOD!!
    ana bidddddiiii…
    where was this? 🙂

  3. hehehe, yes, and then i met with Life and Robin and our lebanese friends at Rotana Cafe Downtown. we ordered some food and it was very good to eat with good company. took some photos, mine were crap! i look like a retard in every one of them, and then there’s ricky with the closed eyes…
    i’m not sure i’m ever going to publish those photos

    the breakfast was at ABC mall. believe it or not, i got in a cab once and i said “Aih Bi Si Mall please.” he had no idea what i was talking about untill i said “Ae Be Se”….

    oh, and it’s really funny how we never meet in amman, but end up having a get together in beirut!

  4. Sounds great! And of course Tiesto was great as well…he’s Dutch ;-).

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