HSBC Jordan can kiss my ***.

a week after having a sum of money sent to my bank account, it hasn’t arrived. okay, so it was dispatched late right? right! so i’m like okay so i’ll wait for an other day. so i did, still no money. so what do i do, i make the mistake of trying to call my STATUS ACCOUNT HANDLER. i pay more money, so that i can get better service.

after about 15 minutes of online searching, i couldn’t find their number. so i look again for my handler’s phone number. i find it.

i call HSBC and say “please direct me to the status department.”

she does

5 minutes later, noone answers and i get fed up

i call

again, this happens but this time i wait for about 8

i call

“wtf is going on at your status department? have you all died or something?”

i don’t know sir, istanna shway.

“allah yil3an il yowm illi 7atteit fiyyo floosi 3andkom.”

15 minutes later noone answers the god damned phone.

i’m so pissed off right now

and HSBC can kiss my ****

i’m closing my bank account first thing when i arrive in amman. after that, i’m buying a safe.

if a status account holder can’t talk to the account handler he’s been assigned. or any other account handlers. what’s the point of a status account??? and if it’s this bad for me, i wonder how bad it is for standard account holders.

one more time


PS: the “***” stands for



~ by Mazz on 29 July, 2008.


  1. tawel balak ya man, mesh mestahle

    wo sallimli 3al el *** ta3ak

  2. I totally agree, I’ve had nothing but headaches since I got an HSBC account last year. I’m just getting round to opening an account with another bank.

  3. The safe is a very good idea. I’m all for the safe. Where do you live again?

  4. amjad, these guys have the worst customer service in all time! this is not the first time it happens, and i’m not the only one that goes through this!

    what would you say if i told you that i couldn’t find a single phone number/email address/form on their website so that i could complain?

    hani, i’m gonig Arab Bank!
    Ola! i live in my suit case. so you’ll have to catch me if you want to rob me 😀

  5. Hi eveybody , I have current account with HSBC and service is so worst that feels to kick HSBC ass*** , Customer relationship manager Mr. Natesh [ Mysore] Worst ass*** and his superior is one more.. So many hidden charges and no reason for the same…

  6. I have to agree with everyone here ^^ HSBC-Jordan customer service is the worst i have ever seen in all my life time. Ive had my money invested in more than a dozen banks across the world, and i have not seen such service. The worst part is when you call the bank for anything your put on hold for 10 minutes minimum only to be forwarded to a line thats then busy or an answering machine.

    I hae recently closed my arab bank account because starting july they have stared to charge all customers .25 a month just for having an electornic card. They also startec to charge .50 for withdrawing cash. Arab Bank has really started to fall off in my view. Why charge customers for a service which makes the bank hire less employees? ATM service should be Free. Just like it is in all other banks.

  7. closure of hsbc bank account we are not doing any transaction for this account. kindly request you to please send me proper proceedure to closure of Current account.

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