“It’s art” one ventured.


It was thought one day, that a series of words, thoughts, images, or even a singular one, can be called art. so what it is that differentiates, between art, and what’s not art?

well i don’t know, should we create art for the sake of art? or is it what comes out of expression? are we all artists? do we not make art when we speak? these are all questions. to no end. but what makes this vision art in my book, is that it is a result of a contemplative¬† succession of thought. a lie, inside a lie, floating a dream, into nothingness. and from a lie.

the material in which the bubbles are floating is a lie, the bubbles are dreams, to no end, as soon as they reach the surface, they pop. and where they came, there are many others. but then they end, and all that remains, is the lie from which they came from.

so, i guess the question is, if an artistic material originated from the figments of imagination, in order to express a thought, with an intention, any more artistic, than that, with no intention?

part of me hates pretense, and part of me understands the necessity of pretense to avoid ego lashings.


~ by Mazz on 20 June, 2008.

3 Responses to ““It’s art” one ventured.”

  1. If the maker of the piece says its art then it is art.
    The only valid question is – is it good art?

    Are they rain drops? – makes an interesting image.

  2. I agree … if the maker says its art, then its art.

    In my opinion, art is like wine. It doesn’t matter how expensive or inexpensive it is, nor whether anyone else likes it. If you like it, then its good.

  3. Yesbuts, well, i agree with your sentiment. i like your new question, well placed.

    Crash: you bring up an interesting argument that can be used to counter the second question. what makes good art? the number of people who like it? it’s only a matter of association in that case. so i decided to ignore how many people like a piece of art, and look at other factors, such as inspiration, effort, and so on.

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