Linger in the distance

Jabal Amman

Linger in the distance
to no avail
and whisper soft spoken lies into her ear.

unfathomable resistance
and a hollow wail
take into consideration, the ripping of the tear

kind thoughts of pestilence,
and lullabies of little demons
bear unto me, the weight of the world.

the sun shines for no one
but all get to feel
the warmth of its embrace.

to no avail
won’t you linger?
like a shadowy creature in late September?

long live thy empty ghost
to bear the chance of one day being filled
with the grace of remembrance.

flee the battleground
and make amends,
to your broken wings
and altered ego.

For my sun shines on no one.


~ by Mazz on 11 June, 2008.

2 Responses to “Linger in the distance”

  1. this is good to see – thank you

  2. thanks dean! appreciate it

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