On driving.

To new beginnings

i had a car accident yesterday and was an interesting experience. it was my fault really cause i was driving a bit too fast cause i was in a hurry! i’m in aqaba so it’s really hot! the temp was nearing 45 degrees and the streets were as smooth as silk! anyways, lost control of the car on a curve in the road and basically did all sorts of acrobatic maneuvers with the car! i ended up on the island between the two sides with a beat up Pegeot 307! luckily it was a rental and i didn’t have to pay more than 300 JD’s and as you can see, i’m not dead or anything! i’m blogging aint i?

anyways, during these acrobatic maneuvers, i didn’t panic. i tried to control the car as much as i could but when there was no way to do nothing any more. i tried breaking slightly but as soon as i touched the breaks they locked the wheels and it was all up to God’s mercy. i had noticed before that there was something fishy about the breaks but didn’t think much of it. so in the last couple of moments before the car finally stopped and i was being tossed here and there, a few people crossed my mind. but i still didn’t feel sad or anything, i wasn’t even worried about myself and how i could die any second then! but these people i thought about, my family and a few loved ones, those were the people i worried about. i thought to myself, oh God, my mother’s going to be destroyed if i died today! and so on and so forth. but afterwards, when the car stopped and i found myself in one piece, i realized something, that if i had died, even though i don’t have any obligations, i don’t have a loan, i don’t have a wife and children, i don’t have none of those dramatic stuff, i have a family. and people, it’s not worth driving too fast to make their lives miserable. even if for a month or two.

Ladies and gents, i urge each and every one of you to slow down. do not speed. speed limits are there for a reason. not that i speed on a regular basis, but i do speed every now and then, and even though the street wasn’t in its optimal state, that doesn’t mean that i can blame the street for my accident. cause if i had slowed down like i was supposed to, i would not have lost control over the car. plain and simple.

When you make mistakes in driving, even if you’re on your own, and there’s no one in the street, and the car is yours, and you’re filthy rich, and you could buy a better car the next day and the only person you believe crashing would hurt, YOU’RE WRONG! there are people that would mind you dying. whether or not you know it doesn’t mean that they’re not there. to make it even simpler, who do you think is going to put their life on hold and nurse you when you break a leg?

P.S: the road that leads to the intercontinental circle in aqaba, coming from the north, is very dangerous. i’m sure that if anyone of the readers has been there, they’ll tell you that it’s an awesome stretch of road. and it is, just don’t forget about that nasty curve in the street. an hour before my accident, a Chevrolet Optra crashed and burned, when they were towing my car, a pickup truck did a few donuts when it slammed on the breaks. when i was at the police station, an other fender bender took place at the same spot. it’s very dangerous and there aren’t any road signs to tell you to slow down. be careful.


~ by Mazz on 4 June, 2008.

8 Responses to “On driving.”

  1. Ehh, salamat ya man thank god ur ok,
    loool from the way ur describing the situation u should’v had time to take photo shots during the maneuvers 😛
    yalla t3eesh wo takol 3’erha man
    take care and drive safely …… NOT!

  2. الحمدالله عالسلامة يا مسخمط
    و ليش نازل تفحط

  3. This post has really made an impact on me..it’s so easy for accidents to happen but we never think about it at the time.
    I’ll bear this in mind when I’m being stupid and speeding along- thanks!
    Hamdallah 3l salama

  4. You are very lucky to learn an important lesson that did not harm you or anyone else. I am presuming you followed one law and had your seat belt on? Keep driving safely.

  5. thanks guys 😀 allah ysallimkom
    ba3dein mish nazel afa77et mister mab3oos! sar illi sar!
    Arima, thanks 😀

  6. Hi Mazz…am sorry to hear that about you….hope your over the shock of it now…anyway…i was trying to find out…if ther was a bus crash in Aqaba recently..a little girl died….could you check for me pls…

  7. how recently?

  8. My life was coming to an end a few days ago.. My faaaaaaaaaast driving was just going to end a lotta beautiful things that I had to offer this not so beautiful world..

    I totally know how you felt.. A horrible strong feeling covered by incabablity of doing anything!

    Oh God!

    May His Mercy enlighten our ways, always, amen!

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