Zippo Lighters

Zippo lighters! Who doesn’t love’m? Well, some don’t but that’s only because they either don’t smoke and don’t see why anyone would like a Zippo lighter or that they can’t stand the smell of it. In any case, I can tell you that those of you that are now reading this are interested in Zippo lighters.

Now, I thought it would be somewhat amusing if I tried to decipher why I like Zippos so much, and why most others do as well.

For starters, even though it’s off topic, you are now reading this for one of the following:

1- You’re a guy who genuinely loves Zippo lighters. You’re gonna love’m some more!
2- You’re a woman who hates Zippo lighters, and is now reading this because you hope that if you understood more about something that most guys like, you’d understand guys a little bit more. Don’t worry; I won’t hold it against you. But that’s not what’s gonna happen.
3- You’re a woman who really likes Zippo lighters.

There may be others, but from what I can tell already, you all love Zippo lighters and may not even know it!

Okay, so why do I like Zippo lighters? Now let’s see:


This is how my Zippo looks like from the outside. Very nice brass finishes with no engravings or nothing, just a beautifully colored Zebra pattern. What’s not to like? and i put the Zippo text in the corner cause i thought it belonged there.

Mechanics of a Zippo

Now, taking a look at this, you can see how the simple yet thoroughly tested bolting mechanism is in place. This is why Zippo lighters come with a life time guarantee that they’ll restore it to perfect mechanical conditions anytime you think you need to fix your Zippo; which never happens. Now, while this is true, some care needs to be applied to your lighter. For example, make sure you keep your lighter out of water. Yes that’s very hard to resist because the damned thing won’t get put out no matter how many times you blow at it. But you must fight the urge, but if you don’t I’m sure it’ll still be good for the next 80 years.

More mechanics

Just take a look at that craftsmanship!

Now without going into further detail, let me just give you the bottom line. Zippo lighters are reliable, because you know that nothing can break it. It cannot be broken unless you’re being completely and utterly senseless and do something like putting it on a train track! But even if you did, I’m sure that the Zippo Company will fully restore your lighter; maybe even throw in a couple of new ones if you would get footage of it!

And then there’s that resonating “Clinggg” sound when you flick it open…it’s just a beautiful and reliable piece of equipment. Yes, I said equipment; I can use a Zippo for a million things! Like open up Pepsi bottles with them! In the end, the most alluring thing that a Zippo possesses is its reliability. Its ability to ignite a flame on demand, on call, any time, any place and for a lifetime…

Right where i need it!

For some people, reliability is one thing that you cannot compromise. Funny thing is that you can rely on a Zippo lighter more some people, and for 20-60 JD’s and about 5 minutes to decide which one to get, that’s more than what you can ask from some people!!

Hope that solved the mystery ladies!


~ by Mazz on 10 May, 2008.

9 Responses to “Zippo Lighters”

  1. Zippos are an example of perfection.

  2. 4 – You are a woman that doesn’t either love or hate Zippo’s and stopped reading after point 3…. ;-).

  3. Zippos give me boners!

  4. zippos are simply beautiful

  5. And thanks for the Zippo Lighter 🙂

  6. Simply awesome, i’m a Zippo collector, and your Zippo is really beautyful, what’s the code of it?

  7. How long have you been using zippo’s then we can talk further. you are probably 18-20 yrs old, that’s why so much of jazz bout it.

  8. It’s most fuckin delicate lighter i have ever used, it’s good from far and FAR from GOOD. Fucked up LIGHTERS, i have spent a lotta money fancing these screwed up lighter and suggest everyone to keep away from this shitty product…

  9. Kamaal, i’m 27, i’ve been using them for the past 9 years or so. i’ve never broken one. i dropped them from a few cm to a few meters high, into mud, sand, dirt, and water, they rock.

    i guess you buy knock offs

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