in contemplation.

contemplate this. what makes people better than others makes them worse for other at the same time. our standards for who we deal with, who we choose to love and befriend, are an accumulation of all the people you’ve met and the things that you’ve gone through. what’s funny is, that at some times, even though you get two people with the same standards, they end up biting each other’s head off. and when you get people with completely different standards, they might “click” and form a bond.

fact of the matter is, that no matter how sure you are of something, you could be wrong. hearts change feelings and can get often confused. so what is it that makes friendships and relationships last for eternity?

i have a theory to run by you guys, i’d say that it’s the mental choice of commitment. you choose to commit to a friendship, a person, an ideal, a thought, a feeling or even a holiday destination, whether or not you actually keep what you’ve got in your head, depends on how strong your commitment is to the ideal.

it all comes down to one question… is it worth it? am i willing to go the distance? am i willing to spend an effort? if you were, then you’ll accomplish whatever it is that you wish to accomplish. if you’re not, then no matter how many things happen to make things happen the way you want them to, you’ll never get there.

but it’s also important not to confuse desire with will. we may desire many things that are bad for us, but do we have the will to partake in these things? are we going to let them into our lives? sometimes these things that we know are bad are what we really crave for. you see, just cause we can control our thought doesn’t mean we can control all our emotions!

if you ask me, to be wise and strong in such situations is to bite the bullet. true strength comes from facing your fears. and the greatest fear of all is the fear of loss and the greatest enemy you have is yourself cause you have the ability to fear. once you conquer that, you’ve conquered yourself and can safely assume that you’re a strong person and can absorb any form of mental punishment life has to throw your way! you can rise up against any challenge no matter how far fetched you may think it is.  it’s not about pretending that things are not difficult, it’s not about pretending that it’s an easy task, whatever it is you’re after. it’s about how badly you want it. how committed you are to whatever cause it is. and the funny thing is, it’s not black or white, it’s all in between. so a person cannot be entirely good, strong, wise, smart or any of those “good” attributes, because there will always be one last bit in your hear that your mind may not be able to control. God gave us emotions to help guide us in life, we’re emotional creatures by birth. there’s no denying that. and there’s even a higher level of strength, which is to be strong enough to recognize that sometimes, no matter how strong your mind is, however you’re in control of your emotions, there’s a noble kind of strength in letting go for a moment and giving what God inherently gave us a chance to persevere.

it’s funny how emotions on their own are not enough to make something right. it doesn’t matter how much you believe that smoking is good for you for example, it’s still bad for you. and it doesn’t matter how much you believe you can live as a smoker and have a normal life, it doesn’t matter how many athletic activities you go through. it’s still bad for you. and no matter how much you believe that it’s bad, if you want to smoke it, you’ll smoke it! you would have to have the right mix of emotions and convictions to make that magic happen!

an even more brilliant form of strength, is the strength not to give up. sometimes strength means that you can take on the most difficult of tasks even though you may know that it’s not necessarily good for you. because you believe. which is a whole new story on its own! i’ll tell that story in an other post!

even though all this might be pleasant to some of you to read, maybe even insightful, the truth of the matter is that God gave us two controlling forces. our heads, and our hearts. and they’re certainly not connected in any way! and to make things worse, they drive you in opposite directions. it’s entirely up to you to chose which to follow, or even put the two of them together and come to a new in between! it’s up to you to decide how strong you are!


~ by Mazz on 4 May, 2008.

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