this is not news, but…



this evening, i sat down at a place called Quiznos. it’s a very good sandwich place! i like it almost as much as subways! and in front of me, were these two lovely looking ladies sitting with a local dude. big guy too, he kinda looked intimidating if it weren’t for the red dressing oozing out of his sandwich. but the people that were walking down the street, not only looked, but STARED like they’ve never ever seen a beautiful woman ever before! i actually counted. out of 34 locals that passed, 32 stared. so that’s like what, almost 95% or something!

i mean seriously! what is up with that? if anyone could provide a valid explanation to this observation, please tell me! i mean i’ve crunched my head trying to find a good reason and i can’t! it’s not just guys too! WOMEN! they STARE like no body’s business! they stare at girls and guys alike! which is kinda scary but still, THEY STARE!

what is up with all this? anyone? i know i’m not first to observe this and talk about it. but today was just absurd!


~ by Mazz on 29 April, 2008.

4 Responses to “this is not news, but…”

  1. Admit it, you were staring too :)…just kidding. It is something that characterizes our society in general. We were raised to the concept of watching the other person or meddling in other people’s lives which is very sad. BTW..check my entry about you:

  2. lol, I get stared at to, and I’m not good looking or a woman. I just dress differently, and it kinda sticks out.

    It’s about staring at anything unusual. Unusually pretty/ugly/fat/short/tall//rich/foreign/.

    I also noticed women in particular can get visibly upset if they stare at a man and he doesn’t return the favor.

    Btw, what happened to Jordan Pulse ?

  3. You know, people stare everywhere, but only in Jordan they would continue to stare at you even after you look them straight in the eyes and express your discomfort they would reply back saying .. “Malak, fi shi abulshabab!!?”
    Happy Ji77ing

  4. Tell me about it.

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