As promised, HEEEEEEERE’s ALEX!

but first, Bubba has something to say!

Bubba with a message!

well, as sorry as i do feel for him, Alex is way cooler!

please let him know how much he’s welcome! more photos to come when i go back home on the weekend!

Alex's Message!
This is right after i took him off the blue table! he’s still kinda blue-ish

he sure can make him self unnoticed!

it was cold, that’s why he’s got that face! but he warmed up pretty quickly from the sun!



~ by Mazz on 31 March, 2008.

6 Responses to “As promised, HEEEEEEERE’s ALEX!”

  1. So that’s Alex! I was buffled by Shaden’s status message on FB 😀

    Way to go, getting a pet is a very good way to get rid of stress 8-| yetrabba fi 3ezzo!

  2. Very interesting … To look at, but not to hold.

    Hehehe 🙂

  3. Aww. He’s SO cute! I love reptiles and I always catch lizards and chameleons when I go to Karak. My last attempt to domesticate a chameleon failed miserably a couple of years ago, it got depressed and just wouldn’t eat, so I let it go.

    Glad to see it’s working out for you though. Way to go man, chameleons are the COOLEST little dinosaurs and the BEST models, ever!


    Endangered species are not pets. It is against the law to harm and catch such reptiles. Wildlife protection laws are being enforeced in Jordan as part of a drive to protect the flora and fauna. I suggest you release the poor creatures back into the wild exactly where you found them. Enjoy them in the wild and let future generations enjoy them too.

  5. Giorgia,
    i appreciate your comment and information. i wasn’t planning on keeping him forever! the dude’s gotta have a normal life. he’s not an endangered animal. “this one’s a Mediterranean chameleon (Chamaeleo chamaeleon), the one in the photo on the link you posted is not.” if you’d like to make sure, look at the feet!
    the Chamaeleo chamaeleon is still being kept as a pet in lots of places.
    but any how, i’ll make sure to release it into the wild again soon! i just need to take some nice photos of him!
    Alex is way cool!

  6. Due to mankind’s encroachment of wild habitat and indiscriminate building activitiy world wide, wild chameleons are globally endangered and not as common as they used to be. Apart from that they are very easily stressed when caught and find it very difficult to adapt to conditions in captivity. As Tololy pointed out hers ‘got depressed and wouldn’t eat’ (by the way they also carry parasites). In many countries, the capture and transport of wild chameleons (any type of chameleon not just the fancy looking ones) is illegal and supporting the captivity of endangered wildlife simply results in many animals dying horrible, slow deaths. Set a good example and free your ‘pets’ now before it’s too late. If you have to take photos of him and the lizard, do so when they are in the wild again for all to see and enjoy. I look forward to seeing your photos recording their freedom. I agree he is ‘way cool’, but in the wild!

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