Everyone, Meet Bubba!

Hey guys! well i know that i’ve been away from the blogging scene for a good deal of time! but that’s only because i barely have enough time to shower or tie my shoelaces! it’s getting silly really! but never the less, i try to do what i can!

the reason i’m writing this post is to tell of an interesting “or not” little story

this morning, i woke up and after the morning tea, i took off my slippers and decided to do some “Farming” fla7a, so i “Farmed” fala7et with my eldest brother! had a good deal of fun and spent a decent deal of effort into moving massive rocks, climbing walls and planting tiny saplings and trees! and then i met




Bubba as you see is a gecko! he’s awfully cute! at least, i think that geckos are cute! so i put him in a laban container and showed him to my niece who went breserk! she liked him! but like all children, she has a very short attention span and decided that he was no longer fun and she walked away! i kept him in the container to show to my significant other!but on my way to meet her, i saw a little tiny thing on the road outside the house as i was driving. i didn’t think much of it untill i passed it and it stayed still! i thought if it was a piece of paper or whatever it’ll fly away. but it didn’t…so i parked!

and there he was! Alex! alex is a chameleon that just happened to be crossing the street and didn’t get squished by the cars tires! so i set bubba free and i took alex in! alex is way cooler than bubba! he changes colors! he’s awesome! i’ve decided to keep Alex as my new pet! i’m getting him a home and everything! i think it’s a sign that Alex didn’t get squished.

i’ll put up ultra cool photos of Alex when i get the chance! let me just say that he’s one cool fellow! much cooler than Bubba!


~ by Mazz on 29 March, 2008.

3 Responses to “Everyone, Meet Bubba!”

  1. I miss him already 🙂

  2. LOL. traitor! Get that thing close to me and I will FREAK! can you put pix with different colors of Alex?

  3. And he’s so photogenic. 🙂

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