My views on Aqaba.

So here I am at the Aqaba international “haha! More like omni-national” airport in Aqaba of all places! My thoughts are as the following:

1- Why are there so many Russian women in here?

2- How come I didn’t get checked when I got to the gate? Usually I get checked 2 times for each trip.

3- For a nation that’s trying to become more organized and IT friendly. Why did the dude at the luggage check look at me twice for self checking myself at the fortune-costing self-check machines??

4- Old couples are cute.

5- Aqaba is like Bermuda’s triangle for money.

6- People here always think I’m a tourist! Gee, could be because I got a backpack on me all the time and I’m wearing a kuffiyya! Plus the little tiny bag I’m lugging around doesn’t help. Maybe the eyes have something to do with it…or the headphones sticking in my ears.

7- Alcohol is so cheap here in Aqaba. Like 80p’s for a big can of beer. Where as in Amman, it’s 1.75 JDs! And Bombay sapphire Gin, it’s for 11 JD’s here at the airport and in Amman, it’s for 36! More than three times as much. In other words, we “responsible people” know that you drink because you’re fed up with everything… especially the prices… And we’re going to make it even worse.

8- Hmmm, why am I going to buy a book by an English writer, talking about an Italian dude, in a Jordanian airport?

9- Since when are Egyptian belly dancer outfits placed in the category of souvenir in Jordan? I think that this is a direct attempt to leach off of the Egyptians. Isn’t it enough that we treat their laborers like dirt in Jordan?

10- There are more bars in one street in Aqaba than there are in the whole of Jabal Amman.

11- The cats here are thin…are people fighting with cats over leftovers?

12- Does the term Aqaba Sales Man mean “Thief” now? Since when does a box of barazeq cost 14.75 JD’s? They usually cost around 4 JD’s.

13- I think I’m going to really go with the whole Tourist appeal thing. I’m not going to spend in Arabic and I can pull it off as an American with my English accent. I’m sure it’ll be fun.

14- What’s really amusing that 300 meters apart, are two cafes, one that will charge you 3 JD’s for a cup of Lipton tea, and one that’ll charge you 20 piasters. And the latter comes with a better view.

15- Last but not least, for a holiday destination, Aqaba IS NOT the place to go for two reasons:

a. Our vacations are usually longer than 36 hours and you don’t need more time than that in Aqaba. An example is the recent vacations we had and the one we’re having on Thursday.

b. The average Jordanian makes roughly 400-600 JD’s. a break down for 3 days in Aqaba is as follows:

i. 120 – 170 JD’s for a two night stay in a double bedroom in an ok hotel.

ii. 60 JD’s for three lunches

iii. 40 JD’s for 2 entries to a hotel beach.

iv. 100 JD’s for shopping.

v. Either 16 or 52 for transportation (bus or plane). Totaling 320.

I think that pretty much covers my thoughts about Aqaba at the moment. Yes Aqaba has some nice things in it like the coral reef down at the southern beach. But that would mean another 50 JD’s to go for a dive with an escort. The dive will take you a max of 20 minutes as you’ll run out of air. If you’re experienced it’ll be 30. You’ll also probably need to stay at your hotel for another night.

Dare I say that I don’t like Aqaba?


~ by Mazz on 7 January, 2008.

4 Responses to “My views on Aqaba.”

  1. hehehe, people think ur a tourist coz of ur smile :D, we Jordanians are not used to that

    320 JD ???? I’d rather go to Lebanon for a whole week …. join me some day man

    peace out

  2. yallah beirut

  3. i’m angriani. Dropin’ by just wanna say hiiii…a very nice blog…hope we will keep in touch…

  4. The main thing i’m enjoying while reading your blog is the way you write, you are a really charismatic person and your posts are wonderful, keep it up!

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