We all need a limit


Ponder this for a moment, what would life be if we had no limits? what would people act like if they had no boundaries? does freedom mean to have no limits?
what if i spent 40000$ a day on stupid things? what if i had 70 girlfriends? what if what if?
Freedom is a nice concept. but in actual reality, freedom should come with the freedom to hold back.
don’t you think?


~ by Mazz on 16 December, 2007.

7 Responses to “We all need a limit”

  1. Got a little bit confused while reading :S

  2. freedom should come with the freedom to hold back.good words ,
    freedom Is like a Piece of rubber , if someone did not know the meaning of freedom will never hold it back ,like popular singers
    who lived most of their life with no food money no mumys & dadys god I feel so sorry for them I can not say to them hold it back
    its hard , but they should think, thank god that life got red lines , its good , sorry If my words are not clear I have been working & working and got allot to work ….. good blog
    I am working on my blog I will leave it soon

  3. 70 girlfriends? lets do it!

    Freedom doesnt exists in our world anymore.!

  4. Happy new yeat Mazz 🙂

  5. *applauds* well said man! well said! *headpats*

  6. lovely picture too. just quite amazing mashaAllah. i love your pics

  7. well, limits are an inherently imposed thing… you stop when you’ve gotten enough. and at some point, people get enough.. of whatever they’re talking about. love, money, whatever. you have to have the brainpower and the intellect to understand that you never really need more than the bare minimum. then you have true freedom because you’re not constricted by your wants and needs and materialism. its all very zen.

    but about limits… have you ever though of borders? Why do we have fences? why do we have walls of “rooms” and houses and countries? Why do we have these limits on geographical space, these borders between “countries” which is such an arbitrary concept, a “country?” who gets to decide these limits and why? I mean we all know the pragmatic realities and “reasons” why we have borders, so “they” can’t come in and take whats “ours”, bla bla bla, but seriously, why do we have borders? That is the ultimate limit for me, that at some point you are not allowed to go further, you are confined to this space, for this reason, because of this small booklet. People can’t handle freedom, they’re not trained for it, they wouldn’t know what to do with it when given it… they give it away for someone else to decide for them. It takes real guts to use your freedoms, real brains to go about using it… 🙂

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