Why i like flying

well, besides the fact that i can get places a while lot sooner than walking, or driving, or swimming, or on a boat… i love how i can look at clouds from above! in the past 3 weeks i think I’ve been on 8 different airplanes! and every time we get to that point above the clouds i feel like a child again and i start making out shapes and objects in the clouds! i don’t think i’ll ever get tired of that! I’ll be traveling to all points of the earth during my next few years and watching clouds is for sure one of the reasons why I’m excited about it!

below is one of my favorite photos that i took from above the clouds! there are a few more good ones but this one looks like i took at from the edge of the sky!



~ by Mazz on 3 December, 2007.

6 Responses to “Why i like flying”

  1. your ears don’t kill you? your legs and feet don’t go numb due to lack of circulation? do you never have to use the bathroom on a plane?

    God I hate flying………

  2. Nice one. I always like taking pictures outside of the airplane window. It’s just so serene, peaceful and beautiful. Until you start flying over Jordan, that is. 😉

  3. and why do i like you?
    because of the pictures you take lol

    that picture is amazing

    and lol @ dave’s comment

  4. OH!! i hate flying, i guess i had bad experience, i mean you’ll hate when u start traveling for 36 hours every time u wanna travel, it’s been 3 years since i last went to Jordan, and one of the reasons why.
    nice picture by the way, is it you who took it?

  5. ah i wouldn’t worry about the ear thing, and as for using the bathroom, i think of it as a good aiming practice 🙂
    and dave, brown is a nice change!
    manal, thanks! i guess! does that mean i can’t write?
    maioush! 36 hours is a very long time but that’s why you should get an iPod or a creative ZEN like i did!
    plus a laptop helps
    and a good read
    and yeah, i took that photo! you should check out my others 🙂
    thanks for the comments dudes and dudettes!

  6. I love flying as well…as soon as we get up, I fall asleep…really nice. I like travelling even more than arriving at some point. While travelling you can think about how your destination will be and you can see a lot while travelling (in a bus for example).

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