to make a long story short

I’m back in jordan, but i’m not in amman! i’m currently in aqaba and going to stay there for a good deal of time!

just to give you a reason for my being obscenely unavailable and/or being too busy to write up a good post, i was in the UK for a couple of weeks, in this little nice town called knutsford! here’s a photo of the driveway that i used to walk or ride through every morning!

Road to Toft Hall


~ by Mazz on 2 December, 2007.

7 Responses to “to make a long story short”

  1. Welcome home! Look forward to hearing the details. Will you connect with Bakkouz? 🙂

    I love the UK, the parts that look like this anyway.

  2. Welcome Back Dude! This place looks like heaven!!

  3. nice one

  4. Beautiful beautiful picture! So calming!

  5. thanks guys!
    there’s still a large load to come! but unfortunately i’m exceptionally busy so they’re gonna have to wait for a while.

  6. Im lucky enough to live in the Toft school house about 500 yards down the road from here. My dog loves racing down this lane to jump in the mere!

  7. That is so cool! 9 months later, a person who lives there comes across this blog post!

    those fields are beyond amazing! you’re lucky you live there 😀

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