Life is NOT perfect.

but that doesn’t mean you should sulk in your misery that life didn’t turn out the way you thought it would. or cause your parents still didn’t learn how to let go.


Shu asawwi ya3ni? “what am i supposed to do then?” you may ask. well, i got a few options that you can think about.
1- Make the face in the photo above.
2- Learn to tolerate the imperfections that life has.
3- Fix the things you don’t like. just don’t obsess about them.
4- Appreciate the good things you got. it could be as simple as your ability to take a cab to work.

and there are much more things that you can do if you just sit there for 5 minutes and think about it seriously. and always bear in mind that life is not static. you’re never in a stagnant state when it comes to life unless you make it a point to be in a stagnant state.  so what i suggest is that you get off your lazy bum and start to make things happen.

Sure, sometimes all you can do is wait. and you may be thinking “oh this is just a load of crap! i’m just unlucky.” well, the thing is, luck equals opportunity plus preparation. so be prepared for the next time that life throws something your way and make the best of it.

but then again, who am i to talk? i sometimes bask in the glory of my own misfortune and take it as an excuse to be lazy like i have for a month a while ago. but i got out of it. they key is, know what you’re doing. i knew that i was being a melodramatic idiot. and i allowed myself to enjoy it for a while. but then i got fed up with it and i carried on with my life. i’m no wise guy, just a guy who’s sharing what little insignificant experience he has. so please, do try to accept what i’m saying with an open heart and mind.



~ by Mazz on 13 November, 2007.

7 Responses to “Life is NOT perfect.”

  1. I’m totally feeling #3, it’s what I’m attempting to do at the moment!

    I’d like to add to your note that people generally don’t like to be around negative people that just complain and “sulk in their misery”, they tend to bring others down with them.

  2. wow best post for u so far i like so much 🙂
    im going to read it again when my mind is totally clear

  3. good words , bad world, allot among us wanna be something in this world, but sometimes there is people who pulls you down & down as much they can, until you think you are weak , (but ) thanks we have but in our dictionary , the more your dreams push you forward the more they loose their strength….. but it takes time to feel your dreams power ,,,,,

  4. Luv the attitude:) especially #2. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with the positive attitude but trying is the key I guess!

  5. interesting Post!!

  6. I agree with that peoplw life isn’t perfect people aways mistakes,Even me.But sometimes im not very kind person.

  7. awesome post!!=)

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