Facial Expressions – A Mazen Al-Ali project

well, i’ve always been fascinated with faces and facial expressions. so i took this fascination a step further and i started experimenting on myself! i took some photos over a couple of days with various facial expressions and i came up with about 10 that are worthy

Facial Expressions

click on the photo to reach the photoset on flickr 🙂

there’s more to come

stay tuned


~ by Mazz on 11 November, 2007.

22 Responses to “Facial Expressions – A Mazen Al-Ali project”

  1. It just came to me that you look a little bit alike Elijah Wood 🙂

  2. You forgot the one where you puff up your face, and hold your breath until you turn red, or is it blue ?!!

  3. errr, thanks bakez…i think 🙂
    Hani! that expression is on its way! sure i’ll have to use a little of photoshop to make the blueness come out

  4. I’ve thought about a similar social experiment where I hook up a camera to my bathroom mirror and take a picture a day of myself for an entire year. 🙂

  5. I like the in shock face! Very funny.. but be careful putting your pics on the internet.. people will steal them and make you look like an evil warlock!

  6. you narcissist =P

  7. Dave: sounds cool, i came across a set like that on flickr!
    Rebellious Arab Girl: well, the way i see it, pervs and sick people will come up with what they need anyway so i’m not too worried about that
    Earthchild: that makes two of us 😀

  8. True true.. I still like the pics a lot.. very creative!

  9. You look like jimmy pop slightly!!!

  10. You are very attractive. The top right photo is my favorite

  11. Hey kinda random, I’m a Computer Animation student, and I was looking for reference images for a character sheet I’m working on. So I did a Google image search for “facial expressions” and I came up with this. I was able to do some pretty funny character drawings from these, so thanks! Thing is, our course director wants us to hand in any reference we used in the class for part of our final, and I thought it would only be right to ask your permission before I go printing out your face and handing it to my college professor. Would that be alright with you? Again, this was really useful reference material, so thanks! I can show you the finished product if you want, once it’s finished, that is.

    Unfortunately the character isn’t actually an evil warlock, but close, sorta. The internet’s pretty cool, huh?

  12. I’m a niece. I stole thousands from my aunt and uncle and helped put their small company out of business. My husband was involved, too. He ran up a huge debt for them. Now they’re ruined. I’m so happy. And I’m about to divorce my husband and abandon my children. I’m a hell of a gal!

  13. Hello, I’m developing a product to help autistic people to reconsise facial expressions and learn what they mean. For this, I need real-life photographs to use.

    A percentage of monthly sales will be donated to the National Autistic Society, a charity which helps autistic people get jobs and live good lives.

    Can I please use your facial expression photos? Thanks in advance!

    If you want to contact me for more info, you can do so via the e-mail address I entered with the comment.

    This isn’t some random bot or scam e-mail I promise! 😛

  14. Sure! Good luck with your work!

  15. Hi There mazz, i too was looking for facial expressions which portrayed anguish, tension tears etc.I am an artist with a psychology background and am playing with applying psychological concepts in a visual form so your images have helped with that. Cheers

  16. Hey. So I’m in college in Philadelphia, and for a ceramics project I have to sculpt a life-size human head with a pronounced facial expression. I like your head. I’ve stolen it. Let me know if you want to see it when I’m done.

    P.S. I’m a science major, so it might be piss-poor. My apologies – for the theft and the quality.

    P.P.S. I’m doing the second photo in on the top row. It’s my favourite.

  17. Wow you guys! i never thought there would be such a lack of supply online on this subject! and you’re all scientists and artists!
    Melissa, no problem! glad i could help
    Gemma, be my guest! sure, i’d love to see the results! i’ve always wanted a replacement for my head 😛 Good luck!

  18. Hi Mazz! I found your photographs by googling “facial expressions” and was wondering if it would be okay to use them as I thought it fit very well with the theme of “Epress yourself”. If you’d like, I could also e-mail you the end product!

  19. I work for a large book publisher and we are looking to reproduce the above image in a textbook for undergraduate psychology students. Could you let me know if that’s ok? Give me an email if you have any questions.

  20. what does an intense narrowing of the eyes represent with the mouth uninvolved?

  21. Usually, malice, or intense analysis i would say. i’m no expert, but that’s my guess

  22. Mazen , may u answer my calls ASAP

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