Enough is enough! really!

to all those text-enabled TV stations…
Bite Me T-Shirt
BITE ME! yeah! you heard right! BITE ME!

there’s a reason why i don’t watch TV! i stopped watching TV on a regular basis during the past few years…and for good reason! today, i felt like watching TV and flipping through channels. that was a mistake! there were five thousand meaningless channels that were about guessing the name of a country or how many “ehem” you can “ehem” in the “ehem”‘s “ehem”. that totally pissed me off! and to make things worse, there were ten million crappy outdated totally retarded music channels! i really don’t want to listen to some Mexican dude rapping to three notes over and over again! especially since the clip is three million years old!

wait, if that’s not enough, there’s more! those countless channels that let you text them! i mean, come oooooooooooon! for crying out loud! why would a sane person spend countless amounts of money to say “ildallou3a il ammoura, 3a6ni ragamik a7ki m3aki 3al beit” which means “”cute spoiled girl, give me your phone number so that i can call you at home” or “Armal min dawla 3arabiyya yab7ath 3an zawaj misyar” which means “an arab widow seeking a misyar marriage”…it gets worse…not only are there channels that let you text them, but there are channels that are dedicated for this childish putrid waste of time and braincells. dear lord all mighty…what has the world come to…

what troubles me the most, is that these channels actually have an audience…in their defence, maktoob TV is a little less crappy than those cause it tries to stick some somewhat useful “if you’re stranded on a dead planet with a battery and a toothpick” or mildly entertaining “like OMG i’m so bored i want to shoot my foot to see how it feels” content on their text-enabled channel…and since when do we watch Turkish music video clips? is the Indian population in the gulf area large enough to dedicate channels for them on nilesat? and those Iraqi channels and other like the Libyan channel….i mean come oooooooooon! if you don’t have anything worth airing then for God’s sake! please don’t make a channel!

here’s the tip of the iceberg…i found a channel for match making….where the top part is pink “for all those exceptionally feminine females who reek of estrogen” and the bottom part was blue “cause well…i don’t know! do you think that blue is for testosterone?” where it shows individual information and tries matching people up!

sighs…if it weren’t for showtime that always offers something to watch even if it’s for a few minutes, and if it weren’t for those 15 decent channels…i think that nilesat needs to be shot down.and i’d go outside on to the balcony and set that dish on fire!


~ by Mazz on 10 November, 2007.

6 Responses to “Enough is enough! really!”

  1. Good for you.I do not even own a TV and I never intend to,unless it’s strictly to watch movies and play video games.And just hearing about any TV shows drives me up the wall.I enjoy living my own life,SO.

  2. You are so right, in fact people with taste and have blood pressure problems, should not watch these stupid channels, it will make your blood boils.

  3. I’m also with ya, like Crystal, the TV is only for movies and games in our home

  4. LOL!! you know there’s a channel that also VOICES those messages! It’s liek the silliest thing ever

  5. Your welcome, really ….. there’s no need to thank me ….. i will happily donate a picture of the back of my head for such a cause.
    i was never considered for the role of a Mascot before, I’m touched…..

    i made the team Pa, i made the team.

    Moi, the “Bite Me” guy

  6. oh yeah! i totally forgot to say who’s in the photo!
    ladies and gents, the dude in the photo is my dear friend Salam Hmoud “i’m responsible for removing the ‘u’ from humoud” the one and only musician/singer/song writer/composer

    if you’re interested in hearing something original and inspiring, please visit

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