www.jordanpulse.com is now up and running!

Jordanpulse.com Logo

YES! you heard right! http://www.jordanpulse.com is now up and running!

after a lengthy teaser phase, the jordanpulse.com team has launched the website.
feel free to pay us a visit to find out more about what this is all about! if you’d like, you can also visit this page.

some of you don’t know this, but part of our teaser campaign was that we prank called some of the bloggers we have and we recorded these pranks. the audio clip below is the phone conversation i had with Kareem Arafat (Ikbis) right after the prank. read our blog for more right here.

below is the phone call i made with him right after the prank, check it out!


~ by Mazz on 1 November, 2007.

10 Responses to “www.jordanpulse.com is now up and running!”

  1. Ya mabrook … ya mabrook ..
    Wain el Knafeh?

  2. Ya3teekom el 3afyeh Shabab .. looks nice ..

    Alf mabrook

  3. congrats you guys, inshalla mwafa2een 🙂

  4. Congrats, good job guys, all the best luck.

  5. Great job. Always a pleasure hanging out with you.

  6. thank you everyone for your interest in jordanpulse.com
    we hope that it’ll be up to expectations and we would really appreciate any feedback you guys might have on jordanpulse ! for that you can send us an email at contact@jordanpulse.com or send me an email at mazen@jordanpulse.com!

    Angry dude: ra7at 3aleik il knafeh ya man bas ta3al bi ay wa2et ba3zimak 3ala knafeh asliyyeh
    Qwaider: thanks!
    maioush: thanks a lot 😀
    Roger: first time i see you around here !hope we’ll see more of you! thanks for your wishes
    Dave: always a pleasure meeting up with you!

  7. Mabrook mazen, sorry for not making it. I had important stuff to get rid off and get along with, inshallah I’ll pass by your virtual office 🙂 great job guys, love the layout

  8. Mabrook and good luck.

  9. The phone conversation was very cute.. 🙂

  10. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.. :/

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