On Stereotyping Ammanies

Bite Me T-Shirt

First of all, i want you to know that i will understand that if you read this post you’ll want to put a price on my head! yeah, this one’s gonna be provocative!

i know this day is blog about your favorite blogger day but unfortunately, i do not have a fav blogger! i think that lots of you guys are very talented and deserve a post on their own! let’s see about that later.

okay, the title for this post is “On stereotyping ammanies!”. the reason for that is that as i’m sitting down here at a tiny coffee shop in jabal amman, i’m noticing a pattern here. two separate groups sitting around me, made up for a few girls and guys, the guys are all looking trendy and so are the girls. most of them are blond, or what i like to call “wannabe blonds” . now if that’s not enough to make a pattern,hear this.

here’s a list of topics they’re talking about:

1- Movies: “OMG i’ve been wanting to see that movie since forever! it’s such a great film i hear! i’ve been waiting for my boyfriend to take me to il balad to buy a copy for 2 weeks now!” . next guy says “oh don’t worry, i already got a copy at home i’ll give it to you if you come over tonight.”. she says, “oh that’s great!i can’t wait to see it.” the other dude says “hey, when you get it, how about you and i watch it on my big screen TV?” and then the boyfriend arrives and they all shut up.
2- social chatter: “oh did you hear what Linda did? she got a nose piercing!” next girls says”OMG that bit$$ i envy her parents so much! mine would probably kick me out of the house!”then the first girl says “oh my parents are cool, i just don’t want to mutilate my body!”. then a dude says to his friend “you know, i think you’ve got a shot with her! she’s been looking at you all night long!”. first guy says “you’re $#itting me!that’s cool, i might make a move tonight.” and it goes on.

then one of them comes over and asks for a lighter, i promptly give her the lighter and she lights her cigarrete, “thanks”  she says and goes over to her table coughing and tearing cause of the smoke.

3-Vital matters of life and politics: “Oh My God! did you know that ahmad’s uncles is running for elections?” she says while she’s struggling to keep a serious face. “yeah i heard! whats with that picture of his all over amman? he looks like such a penis!”. then one of the dudes says “she said penis! haha! she said penis! ahahahahahah” then that topic ends abruptly to open up the next conversation.

4-On Mechanical Wonders of the world: the girls are pretty much gossiping about some guy’s ex girlfriend and keeping to themselves. the guys are huddled up in a huddle and one of them says “dude you can kiss my arse! the new subaru kicks mitsubishi’s evo by a mile!” “ya zalameh you don’t know what you’re talking about! there’s nothing that can beat the evo, in fact i’m willing to bet next month’s salary that my toyota can beat your mazda in a drag!” and then the testosterone levels go sky high and a race begins and ends with a loud bang.

5- Favorite activities: “that day i went to 3amigo’s and i drank so much! the bartender likes me and gave me three free shots! and can you believe that i was still sober?” says a wannabe blond. the guy next to her immediately perks up and thinks “hey, maybe i’ll take her out drinking one night and maybe i’ll get lucky!” and then the tales continue of how much drinks they can hold. and how many exotic drinks they have recipes for and so on. key terms here are “khabbaset kteer, kara3to kare3, tli3na bissayyara, darbat 3ala me3diti, ma ba3raf shu sar bas i don’t think we slept with each other, i was still sober.”

the list continues. i think i’m gonna go to the rest room and barf for the rest of the evening.

may i suggest a price to put on my head? put a bag of candy from candy box and a car freshener for the car the hit man dreams about.


~ by Mazz on 27 October, 2007.

9 Responses to “On Stereotyping Ammanies”

  1. Interesting observations Mazz, I’ve seen stuff like that growing as a trend in Jordan.

    Unfortunately, there’s no way to keep these stories to themselves. They just have to shout it at the top of their lungs and just about everyone around them will hear the story!

    All that is needed at times is to just change the spot! Nothing more!

  2. well i was very entertained by them! i mean, it’s like watching a bad soap opera or something 😀

  3. Its depressing

  4. “wannabe blonds”, did you mean to say blonds out of a bottle?

    “she’s struggling to keep a serious face.” That part cracked me up LOOOOOOL

    Why’d she ask YOU for a lighter? Don’t one of them have a lighter?

  5. Asoom, that was probably her way of “making a move”. 🙂

  6. What’s so provocative about that Mazz?It’s simply depressing!

  7. well i’m glad you guys find it funny and depressing 🙂 really, i am!
    and dave was right! it’s an “ice breaker”

  8. How nauseating!

  9. 🙂

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