On the passage of time


i took this photo of this watch sometime mid last year, this watch actually means a whole lot to me. my late grandfather; seedo as we used to call him. wasn’t much of a financial genius who made millions of dollars a year. instead, he served in the Jordanian army and retired at when he came of age. he died quite a few years ago when i was 14 or so while getting ready for the friday prayers at my uncle’s house. he didn’t leave much, but from what he left my mother, my mother decided that us three grandchildren of his should have something to remember him by. so she gave me some money and told me “Mazen, this money is from your late grandfather’s inheritance, please go buy yourself something that you will enjoy and remember him by.”

so i take that cash remembering all the time he called me mizo and smiled at me while taking me to the hummos shop next to his house, and i go out to the swatch shop in Amman Mall, and i buy myself a swatch i knew he would have liked to buy me and i buy myself something else to have fun with and surprisingly, i’m using it right now.

up until a few days ago, the watch was running smoothly, didn’t have to change the battery or nothing! sure, there are a couple of scratches here and there but other than that, it was perfect. until the battery died on me. unfortunately, I’m helping my brother move to his new home and getting ready for a dramatic change myself, so i didn’t have any time to go change the battery.

this relates to the passage of time in the sense that when my watch was running properly, i knew exactly what time it was all the time! i barely took it off if ever. i showered with it, i swam with it, i slept with it. and now, it’s dead. so i can’t really tell what time it is… even now, i don’t know what time it is cause i disabled the clock on my windows, my mobile is away from me and being charged, i don’t even know what day it is for sure.

the past few days seem like hours. but in contrast to how much time I’ve removed my watch from my arm, it seems like an eternity.

i miss you seedo. you were an honest and loving man. my mother misses you too. she knows you’re up there in heaven and i know it too. we all miss you, my dad misses you too and so do my brothers! I’m sure you know hisham got married and has an adorable cute daughter! lots has changed, but somethings remain the same. we all love you…and we all miss you.

your loving grandchild,



~ by Mazz on 25 October, 2007.

3 Responses to “On the passage of time”

  1. Oh my god mazen, that was so touching. It’s beautiful, and kind of sad.
    May god rest his soul…

  2. Allah yer7amo… without this, we wouldn’t be able to live – el nesyan I mean…

  3. That was beautiful man. I really like the time\death comparison, it really is terrifying when you think of it. I guess all we can do is remember those who have past so that they live forever in our memories, and hope that we will be remembered too when the time comes.

    R.I.P. Seedo

    and thanks for all the great comments man, it is much appreciated.
    Keep up the great work!

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