Jafar Aquatics, diligently supplying us with miracles.


i’ve been keeping fish for the past 2 or 3 years now, and my brother before me, bred fish for about 8 years. i was very pleased to find Jafar Aquatics aquarium fish shop in jabal amman. this place has got it all!

i have a passion for marine and fresh water fish alike. why? some may ask, well one of the reasons beside the fact that fish are easy to keep, colorful,and interesting to watch is that they don’t argue with you for no appear ant reason.

since i became a regular customer at jafar aquatics, my fish tank has become a very beautiful specimen. the staff at Jafar Aquatics always knew what i needed, they were always helpful and always informative for those who are interested in more than having a pretty aquarium. one of the issues I’ve never had with these guys is that i never bought a fish that ate an other one cause they always ask what types of fish i have already and they never gave me something that’ll eat them or be eaten by them! also, if anyone’s got a rare fish breed in their shop, it’s these guys!

when Jafar Aquatics first opened up, people thought they were out of their minds! “who in their right mind would open up a shop for aquariums? are there guys crazy? they’ll close shop in less than 2 months for sure!” but much to my delight, these guys sparked up a whole industry in Jordan! they’re the prime importer of aquarium fish and supplies in Jordan and they even have their own brand of filters, air pumps, aquariums and more! these guys really know what they’re doing!

to keep a post short, here are a couple of old photos of my aquarium 🙂

this is an old photo of my aquarium


the first fish i bred, a guppy 😀

and here are some of the photos i took at Jafar Aquatics! let me tell you this, there’s no other place to go if you’re looking for amazing colors in nature!
Clown Fish...Nemo Peekaboo Clown sea guppy  Sea Apple!

if you’ve got any questions about keeping fish at your home, leave a comment and I’ll give you all the help i can. you can always visit Jafar Aquatics in jabal amman! it’s the biggest shop in the pet shop area and you won’t miss it! tell them that you came there cause of this post and I’m sure they’ll give you special treatment! don’t forget to mention my name 😀


Mazen Al-Ali


~ by Mazz on 20 October, 2007.

10 Responses to “Jafar Aquatics, diligently supplying us with miracles.”

  1. great shot man

  2. great shot man

  3. my mom finally has her fish bowl for 2 months now, i should take her there she will deffenetly love the place.

  4. so, since you’re an expert, I desperately need advice..I have killed every fish my kids got because I either forget to feed them or clean their bowls with terrible detergents..my kids’ latest acuisition is two water turtles..I am clueless, do you have any tips on how often to feed them, how much water should be around them?enough to submerge them or only shallow? and waht kind of stuff should I decorate their bowl with?

  5. thanks for the comments guys
    salam, don’t use a fish bowl for fish unless you’re really planning on not keeping anything but goldfish or a molly and going to exchange at least one glass of water daily religiously. and do keep a tiny bit of gravel there too.
    as for the turtles, i’m not exactly an expert on those in particular but i do know a thing or two! turtles can survive for a long time without food, but that doesn’t mean they should go for more than 48 hours without food. if you’ve got the yellow plastic can for food, use your hands to split up a big pill in two and feed once daily, if you’ve got the pellets ones, those dark green ones, feed each 2-3 once a day, so that’s 4-6 for the two. as for water, these guys are amphibians, they do need real air! so do a little slope in the gravel if you’ve got any, if you don’t there are special made plastic thingies for turtles that come with a slope. keep the water shallow. if one goes belly up, then sorry! it’s dead.
    also, i don’t advise keeping fish with those even if you devise some way to have enough water for fish and give the little guys some breathing space cause turtles will bite the fish when they sleep.
    hope that was helpful

  6. sounds like a cool place 🙂 i didn’t know that they have such a a place in Jordan, as you said the first thought would pass my mind is “are these guys crazy??” 😀
    you have a nice aquarium 😉

  7. That was extra helpful Mazz..I do have the yellow food thing and yesterday the kids just threw in a bunch of those pills in the water..I knew that would be too much but I did not know as little as half a pill would be enough for each..they’retiny those pills, almost ant size and the turtles are nearly half the size of my palmeach so maybe I will give them one each and see..and also the shallow water..these poor things nearly broke their necks trying to get some air..greta tips..thanks:)

  8. wow.. nice pics man.. very nice..

    Anyways, can you help me with this?

    Blog about your favorite blogger day is October 27th, 2007
    Spread the word please.

  9. These pictures were taken for fish in an aquarium?? I seriously thought you went diving with a water-proof camera, I was like: that’s one hell of a camera! These pictures are too good

    Seriously though, what is it with guys and fish? Fish is very soothing to observe, but they are so demanding… really!

  10. Jafar you are the best fish shop in the kingdom and dont have the most important things for breeding fish fry which is the brine shrimp eggs come on man be professional and bring some

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