Warning: I’m shamelessly promoting my photography!!

Well ladies and gents, I’ve succumb to shamelessly promoting my photography through my blog in a straight forward, no tricks, no nothing way!

for those of you who don’t know, i’m a photographer! i take photos as a hobby and for the past year or so, it’s become a part time job, now i’m not doing this for clients, i already got enough of those! but i’m doing this cause i’ve noticed a drastic drop in my flickr page visits! it’s probably cause BLOGGING and following up with blogs has left me no time to post my photos in groups and comment on other people’s photos! so i think it’s time for me to use you guys to increase those numbers for no more than a slight ego boost!

so here’s some stuff you might want to skip through to reach my photos through this link.

i started taking photos at the age of 18, the reason i started to take photos was cause i realized i didn’t have enough memories in my life, was pretty event-less and had very little to remind me of it! started out with a point and shoot camera and then i borrowed my dad’s old renueflux SLR. i had no idea how to use it! so i ended up having really dark or really bright photos for the first ten thousand films i burned up. later on i started reading, expanding my knowledge until i took a course in photography as a free elective course in my university. our professor was full of “it” and he really didn’t teach us much! but there was something about a competitive environment that made me want to become better at taking photos.

the more photos i took, the less crappy i became. finally i was obsessed with it, so i ended up borrowing my brother’s new Canon Eos300 film camera, since that one had much more buttons and gadgets i ended up coming with more decent photos than i did before! and since then I’ve pretty much always had a camera of some sort by my side. if you see a guy lugging around a big arsed black bag or a backpack that he’s struggling with and a camera in hand, that’s me!

my photography is inspired by many things, mostly by what i like to call “selective vision”. “selective vision” is a term i use to explain that in a big scene, if you decide to eliminate a few things from it by getting closer or moving further away, you’ll get a photograph. i like to think of photography as a way to capture moments, not just light ad color. but an actual ability to capture a still moment in time where you can always look back at it and recall those emotions.

currently i’m using an Olympus E-500 DSLR camera, looking forward to finally getting my hands on the Canon 1D Mark III cam.

here are a few of my latest photographs, and a link to my photos on flickr!

Clown Fish Fairy A Sand Storm is Coming View from new house - AKA Background

thanks for your time!


~ by Mazz on 18 October, 2007.

13 Responses to “Warning: I’m shamelessly promoting my photography!!”

  1. Fantastic stuff man, you’re talented. I recently started getting into photography and it’s way harder than i thought!

  2. Very nice. Plus I’m so happy to hear someone actually uses an E 500. I get such strange comments such as “you took this with that!” Well, I like your style no matter your photographic equipment. I budget food and housing from my paycheck but not much camera money is left. Imagine that!

  3. You are instinctively talented Mazz, and your pictures are gorgeous. I love them
    I’m so excited that there are so many good Jordanian photographers. Both men and women, are as equally talented.

    Keep it up, and inshallah, you will get the camera that you want. But I’m sure, D1 or no D1 .. your talent will still produce good pictures

  4. you don’t need anybody to tell you how talented you are when it comes to photography man!! you are SO GOOD, your photographs are amazing!! mashalla 3aleak, keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Amazing stuff u got there man , woooooow ,such talent “standing up and clapping with tears”
    keep the art flowing

  6. thank you all for these wonderful comments 🙂 i’ll keep snapping that shutter!
    @frank: let me know if you’ve got any questions and i’ll make sure to help out!
    @barbara: The e-500 takes great photos, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! i’ve been using it for almost two years now and only have a couple of down points with it! ISO noise and how the 4 thirds system looses a bit of sharpness! other than that i love it!

  7. you are so passionate about what u do, i can feel it in your words and it reflects in the picture you take, i love them so much specially the red flower its so dreamy 🙂

  8. Great stuff… Loved the clown fish… almost tranparent… You should post a few things on photography for begginers… I take a picture every now and then and would love to hear how to improve…

  9. That’s it then! doesn’t seem too shameless to me 😛 be6la3lak 😀

  10. Fantastic stuff you have here! Are you a member of Deviant Art? Soon I’ll start promoting artists from DA on a regular bases on my blog.

  11. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  12. To me it is necessary to find

  13. You take beautiful shots… and there is no shame in self promotion. Someone once said “everyone has a portfolio” and they are not wrong…

    We really like your shots – would you consider submitting one of your shots into our Photograph of the Week section – where we big up and market true talent like yours?


    We would love to feature someone of your calibre, if not, keep taking inspiring shots!


    Green i Design

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