Fairytale Traffic Jam “Azmeh Khurafiyyeh!”

fi3lan azmeh khurafiyyeh!


the location is right next to the radisson sas hotel in amman. the traffic jam originated from Dakhliyye circle all the way to the 3rd circle. started at around 11 a.m. according to cab driver and is still going till the moment i wrote this post. fortunately, i took an alternative road on a sort of bet that my way was going to work and it did work! i paid half the fair cause i won the bet.

if you happen to read this right now, before it’s 2 pm then i suggest you stay clear of roads leading to and from dakhliyye circle, 3rd and 2nd circles. i don’t know how it’s like on the 4th and 5th circles but i suspect it’s just as bad. this traffic jam is the stuff legends are made of. one colossal mess.


~ by Mazz on 30 September, 2007.

8 Responses to “Fairytale Traffic Jam “Azmeh Khurafiyyeh!””

  1. hehehe … 1 hour and i would have been stuck there

  2. Irtafa3 daghti just from the photo :ssss

    I was in a similar traffic jam on the first day of Ramadan on that same street, 30 minutes from 3rd circle to the tunnel across from Radisson SAS!

    Good photo 🙂 as usual!

  3. oh my god!!! i’ve never seen amman like this, i’ve heard that the traffic really bad these days, but i never imagined it was that bad!!

  4. holy crap.. that’s crazy traffic!! I would die of boredom if I was in one of those cars.. jeeez!

  5. How come whenever there’s an azmeh khorafieh in Amman I’m in the middle of it? It took me 45 minutes to go up from near Saab showroom in prince Mohammed street to third circle? but good news is I reached the prefinal stage in my snakes game!

  6. ya wellee! wel nass saymeh? yaa welee!

  7. thanks for the comments guys! this is happening everyday between 11 and 2pm. now i can’t say that’s the the government planning, cause they did try the best they could do when they removed the sidewalk next to dakhliyyeh circle “regardless of how harmful it is to pedestrians but they’re so smart they don’t use it anyway!” perhaps the plan should have been made a few decades ago. but non the less, people seem to totally neglect the fact that there are other routs to go places. and at the same time, drivers are becoming more and more short tempered which does result in horrific car accidents. there is not a day that passes where i don’t see mortalities in the newspaper due to car accidents. the other day one of my friends almost died but ended up with a severely stitched forehead and eye lid.
    in this particular case, i just took the exit and did a U-Turn in front of Zara’s entrance at the wadi saqra street and drove off to safety!

  8. Waaaaaaaaaaaal kol had , well i guess theres more soon Amman become small city with 100000000 of cars

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