The Simpsons are in World of Warcraft??

oh, and is accepting blog submissions too 🙂
you can submit your blog if you follow this link here

enjoy the vid


~ by Mazz on 2 September, 2007.

9 Responses to “The Simpsons are in World of Warcraft??”

  1. is it ok if i said that i don’t like the Simpsons as much :S ?

  2. no it’s not okay maioush!
    there are a few things that every living human being needs to love. such are the simpsons, Family guy and Starwars.
    ah well
    it doesn’t really matter
    okay fine you’re off the hook

  3. oh man..Dont remind me of that game!!
    i was so addicted to that game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. what happened? someone killed your level 70 shaman?

  5. yaaa rieet! ma young brother used my pc for a while o shaall amallee lol

  6. yulla ma3lesh you can always buy any items you lost

  7. south park was more funny =)

  8. Yeah I agree that South Park is way more funny buy it seems like the Simpsons are also having the same fate as Southpark with Youtube.

  9. My vote goes to south park, guess the simpsons part was’nt that bad.

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