On Violence: “Puppet” by Patrick Smith

so are we inherently violent or do we have a hold over it?

what’s your take on this animation?


~ by Mazz on 30 August, 2007.

5 Responses to “On Violence: “Puppet” by Patrick Smith”

  1. i love it!! this should have made it to the short film festival, barki el nas t3allamu yi3malu eshi zai hek … aw yi3malu eshi at least! lol
    perfect concept and the animation is just outstandting =)

  2. ok that movie is really good in away that i freaked out!!

  3. The animation is creative but scary..may be because there is some truth to it.. I think we all have different level of anger emotion, and as we grow older some learn how to keep a cap on it and mask it, let some steam every now and then but some are always a volcano ready to erupt..

  4. MAZZ wassap?

    btw pls send my rejards to your familya!!
    do they know i got married? do they know about baba?
    3anway.. glad you like my stories! 🙂

    btw it doesnt sound good for you to call me crazy after you said we are related… ba3dien ya3ni they will think its in the family genitics haha

  5. oh don’t worry about it!
    i’m crazy and proud of it! after all, we all need to be a little crazy to stay sane in this world!
    send me an email! malo 3ammo? i don’t know if they know! i’ll check when i get back home

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