The average decibel noise in my office

is 80.

and we do not operate any machinery.
F*** this S***
it’s like having this guy
inside my brain for 9 hours.

btw yazan rousan is a very good musician! i used this picture for the drums!
i came up with this number after running the sound meter application on my phone for 10 minutes. watched it closely.


~ by Mazz on 22 August, 2007.

4 Responses to “The average decibel noise in my office”

  1. why is there so much noise? Co-workers? Boss yelling?

  2. and then some!

  3. There’s too much silence in my office 😦

  4. Yazan Rousan inside your Brain for 9 hours playing drums.. it must be fun!!! hehehe 😀
    too much noise is it better or worse than too much silence?! hmmm i really dont know..

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