Filth Flarn Filth – WARNING, PG RATED

Okay, this is a totally new level of decadence that i never thought I’d find here in Jordan!

as i opened up the network page on facebook, being in the Jordan network, i found groups, events and notes written by Jordanian people. i saw something that i just had to check if it was for real….

there’s a group whose name translates “illegal affair lovers, only in jordan”. Here’s a snapshot of the group’s header after adjusting it a little bit. i don’t want people thinking I’m promoting that group or anything. and I’m sure some people would love to find it!

(Content Advisory, this group has 18+ content. namely, parts of the human body.)

now for those of you who are wise enough not to seek that group, this group is dedicated to Jordanian men and women who just want to *UCK. yes. excuse my French, but there is no other word i can use to describe it. it’s not procreation, it’s not sleeping together, it’s not making love…

now i understand that jordan is leaning towards the more and more liberal every day. but there’s a difference between being liberal and being a plain old pervert. we all like sex and would love to have it! but that doesn’t mean that this level of degradation in Jordanian citizen should be either allowed or tolerated. no matter where you go, even sex on the first date is considered to be unethical. the man would be called a “Hero” and the woman would be called a “*lut”. in any case, it’s not widely accepted. especially in a community such as ours.

i just felt like i had to share my discontent regarding this group…and i only wish i could do something about it. i mean, it’s just sickening.


~ by Mazz on 19 August, 2007.

18 Responses to “Filth Flarn Filth – WARNING, PG RATED”

  1. That is so wrong.. plus thank God the group seems empty.. probably some idiot who was bored decided to just make it and see how many other pervs are out there.

  2. oh wait.. I just noticed that you cut off the bottom.. how many people are in this group? Gross!!

  3. 95….and growing….

  4. Wow ..
    wallah ya man 5erbat , go Hi5 and see , lesa 3ala awsa5

  5. lol, related group Jordan Hornies !

  6. Wallah its sad sad! jad sad!
    ya zalameh betfanano be hay el sha’3laat! bas ta3al e7kelhom emseko sla7 o daf3o 3an el balad, beseero y3a6o!

    ps : how many members this group has?

  7. He he. Nothing wrong in this. I mean you may not have noticed but things like this have been going on for ever here, just not so public. People have been pervs, are pervs and forever will be. I don’t think that this is a wrong thing. It is perfectly normal. If some people just want to have sex… well let them, why not? What is the problem with that? Oh, wait… some might say “But we are not animals.” I agree, human are more primitive than animals. I prefer people having sex all time than cutting each others heads off and starting big ugly disgusting wars about oil, land, money. I think if something should be forbidden then it is, intolerance, greediness and hatred. All over the globe people have no problem with showing movies of people killing each other, explosions etc. Hell, horror movies, where people get tortured, raped, and if they’re lucky killed, are in some countries available for teenagers at the age of 16, whereas then a harmless porn movie where people just fuck is sometimes not even allowed by law at all. Do you see that there’s something wrong? When will people say something about groups coming together to go on a shooting range? What is the purpose of that? Hunting? Well, if there were not those M-16s and AK-47s that are for sure not used by hunters. Sometimes I think people are so violent because they can’t express their sexuality, and those who express them, are being fought by those who are violent (to cancel out any misunderstandings, no I am not saying that the previous commenters nor the author of the post are violent). I remember when the sexual revolution in Germany started. Everything was new and many people were against it, but hey, now nobody cares about sex, but about violence (surely not yet performed to perfection but they’re on the right track). Sex has been present since before the apes came down from the trees (or adam and eve started to f***, whatever you believe in), and it is in our nature. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It is something nice, well, the nicest secondary matter in the world. So let those who want to sleep around, sleep around, and those who want to swing, let them swing. Either public or not, people will do it anyway. At least if it is public, people are aware. Here in Jordan, especially in universities, things are like that. Sex everywhere but only hidden. People try to convince themselves, “No, here people are not pervs. Everybody is so religious, and there’s no sex before marriage.” Well, sorry to say that, but even your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend might have already had quite some experience (don’t mean to offend anybody, but how would you know?).

    So before pointing the finger and shouting out loud how sad it is that there are some internet sex-groups… maybe you should look behind the curtain and see the real Jordan where nothing is what it seems. Jordan is a country of pretenders, even I got affected by this society here.

    Make love, not war

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  9. Mozzy, regardless of me agreeing about premarital sex or not, what’s wrong with this picture is the lack of understanding. you know what, they want to randomly fuck, randomly fuck i don’t give two bits. but at least have the decency to spend some form of courtship. it is the basic human instinct to have sex. sex is a beautiful thing. but it should not be commercialized and taken lightly.
    call me old fashioned, but i’d like to know where i’m sticking my weewee into!

  10. you never know where it is going in… even in the cleanest society… and trust me, you don’t want to know 😉

  11. well mozzy, you can do things your way! but i’m sticking to let’s know a girl first!
    i mean come on man…you have no idea how dangerous it is! forget about diseases! there are the social repercussions of doing a total stranger! ranging from being shot to being badgered for the rest of your life!

  12. this is what i meant. don’t get me wrong, i’m not the kind of person who sleeps around without knowing someone, but what i meant was that even if you know the person, you don’t know what he/she did before 😉 my advise to anyone, either you have sex with a stranger or with your beloved, safer sex is always recommended

  13. I was shocked when I found out that a lot of people are having sex these days outside of marriage. Even young girls, SCHOOL GIRLS!! I’m sure it’s been going on for a long time, but at least it was hidden. People used to be ashamed of such an incident getting out and being known, but nowadays people don’t even care. It’s becoming normal. And in my opinion, I think that’s disastrous! Such behavior is not acceptable in our society and it never should be.
    Just a few yesrs ago when i was in school, people who used to have sex were very few, they were the minority, like outcasts. But sadly it, now it’s the other way around. I’m honestly afraid to have kids and bring them into this world that’s only heading for the worst!

  14. “At least it was hidden”? WTF?! I mean, this is even more dangerous. If you keep it so hidden and do not educate people about the dangers and consequences of sex then you might run into an epidemic like in Africa. On the other hand, I don’t understand what’s so bad with having sex before marriage? I think it is even better, because sex is an essential part in a relationship between a man and a woman. Imagine you get married and it turns out that it just does not work out between you and your wife in bed? What would you do then? I’ve seen many such relationships and believe me, those people were not happy at all with each other and their lives.

  15. what if it doesn’t work in bed? well that’s simple really mozzy, you fix it! any couple can have bad sex or good sex. it all depends on open communication and willingness to progress and make it into something extra esbeshal! but if it’s cause of a medical issue, well then i guess someone should have said something about it before hand! and don’t even think of saying “what if he/she didn’t know they had a medical problem?” cause they’re not four years old!

  16. well this is a very interesting topic you raised Mozzy. To be honest I thought about this so much that I did not find an answer. Well lets consider it this way… If the guy/girl did not sleep around and then have sex when they get married then they’ll enjoy it or at least feel something different. I believe the religions had a point for postmarital sex! Imagine a girl or a guy who slept around so many times and then they get merried and did not like the sex versus encountering sex for the first time at marriage. I hope I made a point.

  17. i’m sorry to disappoint you both (am not talking about medical conditions and bla bla) but there are cases where it just does not fit and cannot be fixed and actually it is not that uncommon. sure you can talk and try around with your partner but there are some barriers that cannot be crossed. As for why religions have put it this way, it is all speculation, none of us can say for sure and it is also not my task to say why. As for encountering sex for the first time, well, I remember the first time I had sex, it was way different than i expected, so the expectation of that alone might change many things. dunno, i mean i don’t say it is really really bad not to have sex before marriage but i think that just going into marriage without knowing your partner so well is a bad idea (which many times is connected to sex, since most relationships that are sexually active are way closer than those who are not).

    anyhow, here we are witnessing a clash of cultures. I grew up in a country where people don’t see sex so conservative but yet, people are aware of consequences and the like and people who are just mindless fuckin-machines are not respected and this is what i want to say. ok, we have here in the middle-east the same activity, so why to keep it in the dark and keep up the danger of un-educated people having sex? why not to teach in schools the essentials of sexuality in the early ages so that in later ages the people can think of it with more reason sensibility? People who treat sexuality as something ‘forbidden’ will risk more and do it also more often, it is in our nature to find the forbidden so exciting; on the other hand, ok make it forbidden, but not a tabu to talk about (which many people do).

    wow… ok… i kinda lost the path now 😉

  18. these things loose their meaning in the end..

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