Take the jobs IQ test! it’s fun (Maybe)

my friend at work dared me to take this quiz provided by http://www.jobsclub-jo.com ! i took it and found it really amusing! it’s a good brain scratcher with a few impossible questions! don’t get bored! take it! when you reach the question with the shapes and picking which one is in the blank box, please tell me correct answer…i think i got it right but i’m not sure….it’s that danged gray box i tell you…it’ll throw you off…

ah! anyhow, enjoy the quiz! click on image to get it!

Result Screen


~ by Mazz on 16 August, 2007.

One Response to “Take the jobs IQ test! it’s fun (Maybe)”

  1. nice 🙂 i have to take it myself, notice the bell curve formed but the number of correct answers…hummm interesting !

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