On the recent slander! blogger’s punch!

Devine intervension?

so I’m reading through the recent slander and direct attacks that have been going on recently. i’m not liking it not one bit!

Ladies and gentlemen, blogging is a tool, it’s a right and it’s also a responsibility. don’t abuse it. and if you think that people are not going to think much of it cause it’s a blog, well you’re wrong. it’s going to come back and bite you in the arse. so be careful what you meddle with.

for the parties involved in these last few issues, i feel that it would need nothing short of divine intervention to snap your heads back into place. please, for the love of God. stop this nonsense and express your opinions in a more tolerable manner. we’re not in a street war, and none of the things you’re doing are going to come back with any positive results. they will make you lose your credibility with everyone. just like you’ve lost it from my side.




~ by Mazz on 6 August, 2007.

20 Responses to “On the recent slander! blogger’s punch!”

  1. You know Mazen? The worst part is that many are doing this in broad daylight. Not only are they harming our image as Arabs. But they’re opening the door for evil wishers to come and pour their poison and spread even more how “Angry” and “violent” Arabs are. And how there’s no way to resolve a conflict without resorting to personal unsubstantiated attacks.

    Even worse, some people seem to fall straight into the trap and “sympathise” with someone even without knowing anything about the whole matter, or the facts that have not been presented before them by one side or another

    As you’re well aware, I’ve recently been subject to something similar to what you mentioned. And I opted to keep my mouth shut. I had the arsenal, and I had the argument, and I had the capability to retaliate. But I decided to spare the world additional drama and just let it pass

  2. I’m sorry qwaider but I’m afraid your comment here is far from the truth you speak of yourself. it’s one thing to sound the way you sounding to everyone including myself, but i do read other blogs and i do follow comments. please refrain from showing a character you are clearly not unless you’re planning on fixing the errors in your ways “or have already”.
    on documented occasions, you have shown sever disrespect to other members of the blogger community. not only through comments, but through blog posts as well. okay, so you like to spice things up, that’s one thing qwaider, but the way you’ve been handling that issue of yours is entirely wrong in my book.
    you did not spare the world the additional drama. and you sure as heck did not let it pass. so please, do not assume the ignorance of my readers or anyone for that matter! trust me! it will hunt you down! it’s not good for you, and i’m only saying this out of my respect for the efforts you spend in blogging. i just wish you’d be more wise with it.

  3. on one more note, my email is mazz1983@gmail.com
    if you wish to discuss this matter further, please use my email and not this blog post. i fear that further discussion will lead into a high comment count with irrelevant content.

  4. No need to talk about it any further, your “personal” opinion about me is apparent. You too have failed to isolate the idea, from the person.

    Good luck.

  5. Qwaider, you’re welcome to share your thoughts.i do not know you as a person, and i’m not about to use you presence on blogs as a measurement, cause frankly they are too contradictory for me to form an opinion.i’m merely sharing my opinion on what happened. sorry for any inconvenience.
    and thank you for your wishes of good luck. i appreciate it.

  6. Absolutely mazz! Blogging should be a social and friendly medium, not a tool to defame and slander others. It should also be a tool for interaction and civilized debate.

  7. Mazz ,
    Good post, great talk


  8. Who-Sane: dead on spot
    Qabbani: thanks 😉

  9. I have read also the blunder going around, it is a shame that it reached the level it did.. To me blogging is a tiny break from the stressful life we lead and whatever other problems we face daily..
    You are the first voice of reason I found so far..
    Thank you 🙂

  10. Noura, your comment means a lot to me. thank you 🙂

  11. No need to take sides, whatever happened was out of place and should have been kept personal…Thanks for writing this post,Mazen!

  12. that is entirely correct salam. thank you

  13. One more thing, you should have seen him when he came to jordanplanet meeting in amman late last year, he was acting like he was jesus christ that just returned to fix the evil world. I think that he is a mentaly disturmed person but he just want to live in denial.

  14. mazz, eh …. should have let that one slip and stay in the archives :S
    tho on a side note how come no one is getting amused by that ?
    It’s certainly the internet version of bold and the beautiful.
    (btw first comment on the whole drama issue) now am going to go look for which B&B character you are test…

  15. Mark: apologies for removing one of the comments you posted.
    bambam: i wish i could have just let it pass! but you know me! always playing Mr.Fix it!
    i actually did use the B&B metaphor in one of the comments i posted about that whole issue!

  16. Blessings, Mazz.

  17. I like your new Jordanblogs set up, it is much much better than the old one, easy to read and the blogs roll down in a sequential order. I like the way you listed the bloggers in an alphabatical order. Thank you Mazzen, I think that Jordanblogs is back on track for whatever it is worth and for those of us that take the time to read and contribute to the blogsphere. Again, thank you.

  18. Thanks mark 🙂 more is on it’s way

  19. oh! and blessings to you too kinzi 🙂 i increased the font size just for you 😀

  20. I have no clue what happened lately (I had fials) 😛 But I agree with you Mazz, if you are intolerant and cannot accept other people’s views, then there is no need for a blog 😀

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