It’s all fine! really!

So you’re not really pleased with a ton of things. you try, i try and everyone else tries to make things better! well, it’s worth trying! but here’s an alternative!

acting is fun! really! and there really is nothing to it! you can completely forget about any problems you may have with how things have gone, going and are going to go in the future by turning into one of Robert characters down here! watch and learn

see? you’re laughing already!

Sharrul baliyyati ma yud7ek.

in case you don’t know what this is about, it’s about whatever is bothering you. be it the elections, ATV, prices, taxes, places to go, clash of cultures, driving in jordan, whatever tickles your fancy!


~ by Mazz on 2 August, 2007.

3 Responses to “It’s all fine! really!”

  1. I wonder why would ATV be bothering anyone??! 🙂
    Heeey Mazz it worked!!! I was smiling “not laughing” from the bottom of my heart…
    u know I use this technique some times… I make myself laugh for no reason.. and then laugh at the idea of laughing for no reason.. and then i totally loose it i start laughing on how my laugh sounds and laughing for the fact I’m laughing..
    the next thing you know.. I’m happy!!! I forgot what was bothering me.. and I’m motivated to make everybody laugh as well 😀

  2. LOL Abeer 😀

    The video made me smile, but I should not be browsing blogs anyway, I have finals to study for 😦

  3. silliest thin i’v ever seen.

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