Spider pig! Simpsons movie

so i went to see the Simpsons movie last night at the cinema! and even though i was really pissed off cause of some personal issues, i couldn’t help laughing my arse off after watching about 30 seconds of the movie!

here’s what you can expect of homer

now there’s something totally random! oh god i love homie! the film lasted for one and a half hours! i didn’t get enough of it and I’m seeing it again! I’m not gonna ruin the movie by telling how it goes but let me just say that i saw something almost just as funny on the news on Al-Jazeera this morning. Iran says that they will be the 9th country to go nuclear! now that’s not the funny part, the funny part is that when they asked an Iranian political expert about the statements, he said that they meant nuclear power. as in for, electric power. not nuclear weapons, but power. then the reporter asked him about the simple fact that the use of the number 9 means that it’s weapons they’re talking about; as there are much more than 8 countries who use nuclear power. the man says no no no it’s a mistake, he didn’t mean that! he meant power. she asks again and he said the same thing over again. and again, and again. until he said that he did not mean what he said.

now i don’t really know what to make of that…i just found it ridiculously funny! please not that I’m not saying anything about Iran’s right to have nuclear power or weapons. it’s far too messy to write about it, or think deeply about it for that matter!


~ by Mazz on 26 July, 2007.

4 Responses to “Spider pig! Simpsons movie”

  1. yes that was hilarious , i laughed so hard, i also went yesterday
    remember the “…More than two shakes .. then its playing with your self”
    am gonna go watch it again .. and agian 😛
    that flanders just cranks me up “g@y..g@y …”
    here i posted also about it

  2. soo funny this film left me laffin for hours i’ve even got spider pig on my phone its great but i cant find a pic ture of it anywhere

  3. I can’t help but to laugh… The show is very very funny,,, Homer is sooo………………………………_________________…

  4. I heart Spider Pig! Here is a great Spider Pig shirt:

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