Respect Thy Musician! Old Times Vs. Modern Times

back in the day, musicians were respected. not only by other musicians, but by the listeners themselves.

if you would take a moment and watch and listen to the video below, you’d appreciate it.

in clip – Dave Brubeck Quartet performing Take Five in 1961. this song is still being played by musicians world wide.

now if you paid attention, you’ll see that the musicians are wearing suits. not funky colorful drags, but actual suits. each and every one of them listened to the others. you can bet that when these guys walked down the street to get something from the supermarket, the shop keeper didn’t pay anything. not cause they’re “hot” and not cause they’re “sexy”, but cause they respected them and would not dream of making them pay. the sought to get recognized by them as good and nice people. for no other reason but for the sake of their music!

now sure, there were people like the Beatles who did get respect, but mostly thought of as hot and sexy. but they still wore suits. people thought they were sexy and hot cause of their music. hot and sexy music. notice, keyword here is MUSIC.

if we look at most of the artists we have these days, they have adopted the i don’t care about anything look. I’m hot, I’m sexy! love me baby! OMG I’m so hot come love me! it’s sickening! but then again, we really can’t blame the musicians! it’s the people we should blame! they’re the ones who are looking for sexy colors and i-don’t-give-a-crap attitudes! respect for musicians is lost. i look at people “with all due respect” like Nanci Ajram and Britney Spears and think “oh god…what have we done! we’ve created a monster!”.

people, please take the time to appreciate music for the sake of music. you’ll find that your taste will improve, you’ll be able to comprehend the feelings behind the music better. and once you do that, you’ll no longer like songs like “shakhbat shakhabeet” and “naughty” and i don’t know what else! if you don’t know where to start to look for good music, ask a friend, someone you know has good taste in music! and if you’d like, i can even write up a list of things to listen to myself if you have any faith in my taste!

much love,



~ by Mazz on 26 July, 2007.

6 Responses to “Respect Thy Musician! Old Times Vs. Modern Times”

  1. i think that suiting up for a musical event, either by the musician or the audience, dates back to the old times of classical music, including operas, where concerts were played for the aristocracy. The custom is still the same in some classical concerts today in europe and the states, where you have to were a suite, as a respect for both the music and the composer. I agree that there is a kind of disrespect to music, but maybe not necessarily by wearing cloths. You could still wear a jeans and a t-shirt for a classical concert. But there is one thing for sure, bad music leads to bad taste, and what we see now of bad music, both oriental and westers, is continuing the idiot attitudes that some people wear. Good Post.

  2. that’s true yazan, one can still wear jeans to a classical music concert. however, that’s not appropriate in respect to the music and musicians. like you said, bad music leads to bad taste…which in result is shown in everything and how everything is done.
    the key issue here is education and the desire to learn how to appreciate music. the sad reality of it is, the when demand is present, someone has to supply.
    some people crave for skin, some crave for heavenly voices…i’m merely trying to make people search for the heavenly voices!

    thanks for stopping by, i appreciate your comment 🙂

  3. I think that good music will always be respect by the people who can feel it, understand it and most of all they appreciate this unique sound.
    The fact of wearing suits or not is a look that musicians decide, they still in Poland for example a lot of groups that wear suits, most of the jazz clubs I go to they wear nice suit and cool hats, so what, music it to hear not to look at.
    People prefer cheap music and pour words and good looking singers this is a marking rule in the 21 century the things that make you think or you need time and effort to understand doesn’t get sell. An easy music to hear, you don’t need to have a lot of culture, understanding ..ect good for the discography.
    Every one in this world is not prepared to appreciate good music.

    PS:- A very good subject to discuss and I wish a lot of thing change in the music World

  4. :bow:

    It’s pathetic:) The problem is that its so promoted. My dorm has taken off “Aljazeera” in favor of Melody and Rotana and when I asked them to be a bit more tasteful they told me off cause all the girls have asked for those channels.

    Sadly we’ve become a “visual” nation. And all those artists are what we call in German “Eine ein tags fliege” which translates to “A one day fly”, in other words it keeps on flying and repeating itself in your head for a day and then dies out. Because it has nothing substantive in it.

    P.s: Lovely Jazz selection. Take five is one of my favorites:)

  5. thank you guys for responding to this post. here’s the deal, it still depends on the popular demand. and as there is still demand for cheap ‘visual’ music, it will be supplied. now the next step is not only to work on the musicians themselves, but to work on the listening audience. people want easy things to listen to? well then listen to gypsy kings and enya and i don’t know what else. just don’t listen to wawa and stuff like that!

  6. I feel that this is periodical. People tend to develop a change in test. Its obvious, all the musicians whether great or average they cater to the desire of people. People respect them, love them and hate them depending upon their likes and dislikes that varies over time.

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