“Yearning”-PodCast-Technique and more


okay, so this is a track i recorded a couple of days ago. inspired by someone who has made my life so special. i’d also like to thank Salam Hmoud “Saylemedly” for lending me his Ibanez acoustic guitar for a while!

so, what’s this all about? this track is basically me trying to use a multitude of techniques, the techniques are:

1- Muting: using my left hand to create a muted sound and a click when i strum with my right hand.
2- All Open Strings: just strumming the string in an all open chord. standard tuning was used to make this one! (EADGBE)
3- Air Tapping: barely touching the Zero points on your guitar and strumming the strings. this creates a very beautiful sound. however, it’s a little bit difficult to control and hard to actually stick into a track or a song.
4- Percussions Guitar “personal fav!”: i tend to use my right hand to knock on the body! i love the sound it makes! now, salam will kill me cause he thinks i knock too hard! but don’t worry salam! i was careful! i know how my pep means to you πŸ™‚
5-Percussion Chords”an other fav of mine!” : using your thumb to hit the strings near the bridge, to create both a bass drum sound and a chord! then using your fingers to tap the wood! sounds awesome i think!

so all in all, i used a whole lotta techniques! the reason i posted this? well, i would like to get feedback from everyone on what they think! it’s only a demo, it’s not the real deal, i’m going to record this again with a little more accuracy and more instruments! i think it has power! most people who heard this were tapping their feet on the floor with the tempo!

so, get crackin’ people!

i’d like to thank shaden “ here” for hosting the file among other things, salam hmoud “ here! ” for lending me the guitar! i think he’ll like this one! you should also check out shaden’s blog! she’s an awesome blogger, and salam’s music! this guy’s got a few things up his sleeves!


~ by Mazz on 25 June, 2007.

18 Responses to ““Yearning”-PodCast-Technique and more”

  1. Well, I didn’t even try to understand the techniques, but you bet I loved that piece! Really nice and full of emotions… lucky you and lucky those who inspired you!

  2. The quality of the recording is pretty good…what gear did you use? also, is it an “AE” series Ibanez?

    the playing is good; it has an incubus ‘drive’ feeling to it. but i’ve never been a fan of open chords on standard tunning. my personal favorite for that technique is tuning it to daddde/d …very rzeznik sounding.

    if you’re adding more instruments please dont go overboard like a lot of people in this country have the tendency to do. get an acoustic bass and another acoustic guitar playing various riffs in the background. that should be more than enough in my opinion.

    best of luck

  3. dude! you play the guitar! cool! emm, as for the ibanez, i don’t know which series it is and i couldn’t be bothered to go check! i was improvising in a coffeeshop! the recording wad done using a 1.5 JD mic believe it or not! it was only held at 20 cm away! no sound editing either! as for the other instruments, i’m planning on only using another acoustic or replay the whole thing using two classics! i’m a traditional classic guitar player originally but i got into acoustic feels a couple of years ago! i just heard a couple of your tracks through an unnamed source! i’m impressed dude! we should get together and play something sometime!
    Cheers bro! thanks for the interest!

  4. wow…1.5jd mic…that must be either a good mic or an acoustic-free room. the Chinese do wonders dont they. im not a classic guy, probably due to clumsy hands.

    yeah we should do that some time. it would be interesting to say the least.

  5. Hey Nas, this is Salam….. the Ibanez is an “Artwood” electric acoustic, AW800ECE. with B-Band pickups and preamps. the guitar is visible in mazz’s previous article. in that picture with me biting on a yellow guitar pick for some odd reason.

    and Mazz, the track rocks buddy, keep ’em comin… glad u enjoyed “pep’s” company… gotta go now, its time to change pep’s strings. πŸ™‚

    i know, demented, bite me.

  6. salam: it’s a very nice guitar; very melodic. i have the ibanez acoustic electric AEJ70. it’s very jazzy: http://www1.gitarrebass.de/newz/0010/newz6.jpg

    but i’m saving up for a strat as i’m looking to move into the electric realms now.

  7. Tough huh?

  8. tough?

  9. This is really good mazz! Do keep ’em rolling! πŸ™‚

  10. Nice and interesting, is what I can say after hearing and reading this, I didn’t like the end β€œlast 10s” but it’s really good

  11. Sounds great. I didn’t even bother to read your technique part….doesn’t say me anything anyway. You know some weeks ago I was on my bike, listening to my iPod and all of a sudden one of your tracks came by and it still sounds great :-)!! Thanks for sharing. Please send me some more.

  12. I also think it sounds great. Sweet music for my ears. Cool! Keep on going, you’re doing really well!!!

  13. Hey πŸ™‚ Nice sound you have there. The tone of the guitar is really nice, good choice for this song…but someone has to say this: I know it’s a demo, and believe me I have the same problems, but you need to keep the tempo steady, the tricks (the techniques you so disarmingly actually described) are weighing you down.

    That said, I can totally hear a melody coasting above the guitar accompaniment…would be interesting to hear what you come up with πŸ™‚

  14. thanks zeina πŸ™‚ the thing is i was at a cafe when i recorded this! i was improvising and it was recorded using a cheap mic being hand held near the guitar. waiters were coming and going and stuff. I’m very surprised it didn’t come up on the recording πŸ˜€

  15. When can we expect some more music?

  16. Likie:)

  17. Walla? Kafe goltilli? O nas ray7in jayin bidafshu? Heh, 6ab raheeb inno 6ele3 minnak hek πŸ˜‰
    Btw, I think we met (thru K-Dun or Shadi Kh., or both, in fact). How many Mazen photographers with mutual friends are there, ya3ni? Must be you, man.

  18. well then we must meet again!
    Es! new music is on it’s way. i was fixing my guitar last night and i’m just waiting for it to dry up πŸ™‚

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