Salam Band – A Review – Interview Details

Salam In Concert

Salam Hmoud and his band Salam rocked the audience last Sunday at blue fig. with a fully reserved cafe, Salam played their instruments with high precision and killer notes. percussions were dead on spot, keyboards filled the air with the scent of classic rock and salam’s guitar made you itch with attitude.

of course, Ya’rub’s smerat’s violin could only made your heart sing with anticipation for the next notes. an incredible line up that included people like Shadi Khreis on percussioni and Ali Jaffal on Drums, one could only wait for Salam’s album release.

i must say that this whole orange red and French cultural center thing truly expanded the musical range that Jordanians listen to and also created a competitive edge that not only made the musicians play harder, but also write harder.

Salam played a wide variety of musical pieces that covered arabic, english, and instrumental. his instrumental pieces are highly commendable and so are the songs. initially, salam never wrote songs in arabic, but due to this competition, salam wrote the song “Meen” that was literally a hit when he played it at jara, and now at this concert, with a full line up, it was excellent.

if you ever hear of a concert for this band, make sure you get tickets!

Stay tuned to Radio Jordan 96.3 FM at 9:00 pm to listen to a one-hour interview with Salam Hmoud where some of his newly recorded songs will be aired and some of the old ones as well.


~ by Mazz on 14 June, 2007.

2 Responses to “Salam Band – A Review – Interview Details”

  1. what’s the style again? and I know Ali Jaffal for a long time now..

  2. hey salam long time no see my friend i hope u remember me… al yarmouk uni.. mohammad qamhiya. i google ur name and i got this result im sure that u doing good and that was a nice surprise to read about u… well im looking forword to talk to u, so if u can hit me up at my e mail mhmpsy at yahoo.

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