Aqaba Diving and Snorkeling – a Review

so we’ve heard all about diving in the red sea and so on and thought it was pretty impressive. it wasn’t until i dove last year and snorkeled last week that i was heavenly impressed by the beauty of the marine life that is being actively regenerated and preserved.

a 10 minute drive from the aqaba hotels area, you will reach what is known as the southern beach. once you get there, take your pick from the local diving clubs. park the car and get some salt water in your ears!

the diving experience for those that are accredited &/or fearless, is something that will leave an impact on you for months to come. for those who feel more comfortable without having a huge load on their backs and weights being attached to them, go snorkeling! the diversity of the marine life is beyond perplexing! i took some photos of marine fish and life in Jafar Aquatics last year and was amazed by the vivid colors and shapes.

Clown Fish...Nemo Mr Grumpy - Kinda Cleaned Peekaboo Clown

those are but a mere few of the things i saw under there. imagine the whole of the animated movie “Finding Nemo” dancing in front of you in amazing light! then multiply that ten folds! the freedom of motion and weightless sensation while scuba diving is unmatched! and the speed and freedom when snorkeling is almost just as good!

all in all, checking out the marine life in aqaba is something that’s definitely worth trying if you’re ever there!


~ by Mazz on 10 June, 2007.

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  1. You found Nemo 🙂

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