Aziz Maraka – Teaser

Aziz Maraka

So some of us were in good fortune to find places to the last Aziz Maraka concert that was held at the courtyard. those for those who were unlucky, stay tuned!  for those who did, you’ll be finding a pleasant surprise !

Since the concert, i was Fortunate enough to get to know Aziz’s personality and art. His character is full of life and ambition, and his dedication to his music is commendable. his work, inspired by his personal experiences and our lives as human beings ; in my humble opinion,  is one of the best in the musical industry in the arab world.

Aziz has been practicing with the band since then. trying to take his live musical performance to a higher level. working diligently towards that aim, aziz and his team have spent an incredible amount to achieve the highest standards starting with the audio equipment that will be at his next concert to the level of music he’s presenting. yes, ladies and gentle men. Aziz is holding an other concert very soon. the expected date is on the 25th of april. the place will be announced in the posters that will be released sometime before the event.

I was just with aziz a little while ago,  and we were listening to something that i know will leave a very powerful impression on the people in the concert. so please do try and take my advice on this one, regardless of whatever you have that day, find the time to come to the concert. i guarantee you that it shall be something extraordinary and will accommodate most tastes.

stay tuned for more info.

All Rights Reserved : 2007
Photograph by Mazen Al-Ali


~ by Mazz on 7 April, 2007.

6 Responses to “Aziz Maraka – Teaser”

  1. I wish I was in Jordan to attend Aziz’z concert.. please tell him Banan, a friend from Arkansas, says hiiiiiiiiii.
    GOOD LUCK AZIZzzzzz 😉

  2. I wish I were in Jordan, I would have not missed any of his concerts 😦

  3. I got the chance to meet Aziz at the courtyard on April 25,and to be honest I’ve never heard such a great live performance like this before…very smart mixing oriental and western music..I did hear some of his songs already,but things are waaay different live,the energy of the band was soo obvious,its really sth extraordinary,Aziz is such a great *DEFFO* artist and he must be supported and I will always be number one fan 😛

    ps:wat really pissed me off is actually the crowd……

  4. Do you mind if we use this picture on I just posted an interview with Aziz, and we can link to your website. Thanks

  5. Aziz – brother, this is Ismayil 🙂 Can’t reach you on your cell. My number is still the same. Call me. Haven’t talked to you for ages. 2008 is the year to meet…come on… 🙂

  6. I just want to thank Aziz for his extraordinary music and voice………I believe that Azia is one of the best artists in the musical industry…Good luck..thanks to you too Mazz…….

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