There comes a time, and in my case, many times, where a person must look and reflect upon everything around them. when i saw the play “The un-sequenced or the daily bread”, i felt a sense of awe inside of me as i could relate and understand the intricate details that beg for attention in any serious relationship. but when push comes to shove, it all comes down to two mail reasons for having a perfectly good relationship flush down the toilet.

1-Taking your spouse for granted: well, let me explain this as simply as i can. when a person gets used to compliance, acceptance and and an overall static status, they tend to take the person related for granted. as if their reaction or action is a given or even sometimes their thoughts. that is also cause of the illusion that it’s “Perfect” and that it couldn’t get any better. well that’s where you’re wrong. now, you may reach a state of near perfection at some point, but leave it that way and that perfection will become the demon that haunts your waking dreams. which takes me to the second reason

2-Boredom: now taking a person for granted is stupid enough, sure, some things should be taken for granted. such things are usually related to  trust and belief in someone. now i can totally understand how a couple would love to spend all their time together, it’s very common. but here’s the deal, it’s a vicious cycle, one takes the other as a possession, therefor, acceptance, compliance and duplication in some cases is a given. which will lead into boredom on one hand, the taking them for granted. boredom will probably be reached when a person doesn’t mind complying and so on. which will eventually lead into frustration and lack of self existence.  i know i know i’m not making perfect sense here, but to those of you who have been in a relationship like i’ve described, i’m sure you know what i’m talking about. 

Here’s what i think every willing couple must do. first, you got to stop taking that other person for granted, buy her flowers for no reason, sing him a song. make each other feel loved instead of just expecting them to know it. give as much as you can with no hopes of getting anything in return. spend some time away from each other, as the more time you spend apart, the more you will miss each other. take the time to listen to your spouse no matter how stupid and irrelevant what they’re saying is. go the extra mile, when you’re expected to do something, don’t only do it, make something better of it. flirt like you mean it every once in a while, it’ll pay off.  every so often, agree to meet somewhere for a date and don’t go out together . take a weekend alone. also, turn off your phone when you’re alone and let them know that you’ve turned it off.

i’m no Casanova people, i’m sure that most of you will be able to come up with more interesting and spicy things. you got the idea behind this. now go put it into practice. there’s no use pretending you do all those things, you know you don’t. so get off your lazy arse and innovate. spend the god damned effort! a tree won’t grow by staring at it, you got to fertilize it, water it, trim it, wash it……

which leads into this, i believe that any two people can have a perfectly healthy and blessed relationship by having one thing mainly. that is, to want it bad enough to spend the effort. it all comes down to how much you want it. i’m sure this will lead into some sort of discussion, so come on, share your thoughts.


~ by Mazz on 2 April, 2007.

2 Responses to “Wisdom”

  1. Totally agree with you..
    However, i was thinking that day about people who leave their families and go to gulf to work there. I think although its bad and not comfortable for both, it has its good side as both will miss each other and the time they will spend together will be unique.

  2. omg that pic is just amazing! wow

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