New Era

Well ladies and gents, here i go again! it’s been a while since i wrote something that’s relevant to life and the more abstract side of things. but here i go again. if you start the audio thingie up there you’ll be able to hear me improvising on my guitar. i call this session “Collateral”.

Now lets agree on something, everyone must have a plan, everyone must know where they’re going. or at the very least, have a vague conception of what that is. myself? i’ve always left room for error. but i’m going off topic here!

in the past few months, i’ve come across a huge amount of people whom i’ve made friends with. some of which seem to think of me as somewhat of a supernatural human being with ultra cool powers that make me come out as some super cool dude! well let me tell you something guys and girls, it’s really sad when a person is considered to be some ultra human being for just being able to listen and understand. it seems to me that the jordanian people are deprived of such a character. no wonder they call us “The Grumpy people”!

in case i haven’t said this already, but this is just another one of my rants. the reason i attached the audio thingie is cause i had some time on my hands and just decided to do so. i’ll be talking about a million random things.

i gave in my resignation on last thursday of all days. i did so due to a few reasons, some of which could not have been ignored, and some were just cause i needed to set myself free from the restraints of my current job so that i may be able to pursue my goals elsewhere. sort of like jump starting my battery. it got me thinking again about many things. first off, i have quite a few option to go after. still in the process of analyzing them, i found myself wondering what would happen now that i’m gone. they’re probably going to outsource PR and creative services, which might be for the best. i sent out an email today to the entire team where i worked telling them that i will no longer be working with them and that it was a pleasant experience, and believe it or not, some people actually shed a few tears. i didn’t know what to think, was it pathetic or was it sweet? i don’t know. but what i do know is that in my last working place, i’ve made friends for life.

on another personal note, i was watching TV today, something i haven’t done in a while, and i came across some Lebanese show about make up and stuff, decided to pause there for a second, not cause the lady was hot and all that, but cause the subject the make up “and later on i found out it was a make over” was a male specimen. now, i’m all for grooming and so on, but you got to draw the line somewhere. we are arabs, we are jordanian. and what i saw was borderline insane! i won’t go deeper into the matter, but what came in as a tough guy, came out as a wuss who’s be knocked over by a little bit of cotton candy.

at the risk of making this post even longer and stop people from reading it, here’s another personal note. like i said, i gave in my resignation on thursday, and a very dear friend of mine basically canceled her plans for the night and took me out for the night…now, the company of a true friend made me realize how simple things are. how easily a person can be satisfied without losing their ambitions in life. just the company of a person whom i knew cared enough about my state of mind was enough to make me feel happy and able to see things through a different more positive perspective. the next day, not cause it was required, but cause it was right, i paid her back by doing 3 extra nice things. which i’m really happy i did cause just as she made me feel better, i believe i made her feel much better.

i think that’s enough for now…don’t want to start a newspaper. i’ll leave some more to talk about once i take new photos.


~ by Mazz on 25 March, 2007.

2 Responses to “New Era”

  1. it was nice meeting you mazen…we didn’t get the chance to talk,

    insha2allah next meeting 🙂

  2. Hi Mazz! Blond moment, forgot the name of your blog recently and saw you at Dave’s. I am so glad you had a friend who could listen and discern like it seems you do. May your gift at it become less rare in Jordan, and may God bless your new endeavor.

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