Know Jordan. إعرف الأردن


Since sometime last year, i have decided to try my best to discover Jordan. i mean, we all know about Petra, Aqaba, Dead Sea and Wadi Rum. but not many of us know about places like Jel3ad and 3alouk. now who said that tourism has to be to those places mentioned above? we got plenty of unbelievably beautiful places in Jordan. I’ll tell you of two of them plus an observation or two.

Friday morning, the day when i usually sleep my arse off till sometime around 2pm,my mother woke me up at 11-ish and told me that we’re going on a road trip. being the son i am, i got up, changed and cleaned up and took her to see my auntie and cousins in an area called 3alouk. you get there by going through beerein and taking a left about 12 kilos away from the Applied Sciences University traffic light. once you get there, you start to find tens of cars and buses scattered around the sides of the road. a narrow and very scenic path, you’ll soon find an empty spot where you can park you car and chose a proper location. now my observation was that i am totally in love with families that just gather around on the side of a road to have a picnicking event! i mean, here they are, barely meetings the obscene expenses we have to meet here in jordan, but yet they have the peace of mind to just sit at the side of the road. granted, some would probably not be able to afford going to Dunes Club or to go Golfing, but the notion of “all we need is to be together and have some nice weather to enjoy ourselves” is an incredible one.

so i sat there with my family and started to look around some more, while 3alouk is an amazing place with enough green to feed a herd of sheep for 2 months, it still wasn’t the best I’ve seen. i saw about 4 types of wild flowers, Dahnoun being one of them. I even managed to take a reversed lens macro shot in spite of all the wind and overblown highlights.

so all in all, i had a great time. great weather, great company and an immense amount of photographic opportunities.

Day 2: Saturday

My childhood friend Deema Amr is a Filmmaker that’s currently having more and more exposure. out of that, she’s decided to make herself a website to advertise herself, she asked me to take some photos of her. i’m a natural lighting type of guy so i needed to do it in a well lit area. so we went to Jel3ad”first photo on this post”. now if you think that 3alouk is incredible, you really should check out Jel3ad. the amount of green, Red, Yellow, White, Brown, Some purple, Some pink and the clear blue sky were beyond staggering. Deema was breathless when we got there. what was also amazing was that there were so many good trees to climb! yes i know, i’m a monkey, as i’m sure some of you would agree.
me again

so i took some photos, we sat around and chatted for a while, had some drinks, had a few laughs and went back to Amman.
now Jel3ad is a MUST-SEE for all Jordanians, you’d feel like you were in Ireland or something. to get there, go to the satellite station in Baq’aa, when you’re on the main road and the station is on your left, take a U-Turn and then go right when you reach the station. after that, just keep going straight for a looooong way. there are signs that should point you towards the Mountain Breeze Resort and paint ball Club. if you’re a big bunch of people “12+” you should consider going for a round of paint ball. you’ll love it if you’re adventurous and have a knack for Military stuff! i had a blast and no bruises if that’s what you’re worried about. if you have arse holes with you, make sure they don’t play cause the safe distance to shoot from is 10 meters, any closer and it wouldn’t only hurt, it’ll bruise.

and all in all, what those two trips cost in total was less than 20 Jd’s. not just on me, but on all. so pack a few drinks, fill your car with some petrol and just drive away to where ever the road takes you. Jordan is filled with these little hidden places, you just have to find them.

oh, and here’s a cock i found in Jel3ad xD


~ by Mazz on 11 March, 2007.

5 Responses to “Know Jordan. إعرف الأردن”

  1. are those picture taking by you…..they are so good

  2. 🙂 yeah, except for the one of me! thanks
    you can click on my flicker widget on the right to see more photos

  3. yes i checked those too 🙂 really good not a photographer but i can recognise an amasing work of art…i loved them alot 🙂

  4. i absolutly hate your hair cut man…but that first pic is like get outta here! seriously that’s jordan? no idea where that came from…lol

  5. dragonsvamp: well it’s growing back! it’s much better than it was when i came back from the barber’s!

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