The Pursuit


so what pursuit i speak of you ask? the pursuit towards completion and conclusion.  i while ago, i have made a choice that right now i’m not sure i should have taken. now i’m not the type of person who has regrets, cause there’s a lesson learned in everything you get yourself into.

I came across a spirit. a spirit whose whole purpose is to achieve a higher sense of sole being. i came across this being thinking that it’s a mistake, thinking that it’s something unethical and abusive. but let me tell you one thing, if you put two spirits in a closed room for 24 hours they will either come out hating each other with cuts and bruises or they’ll share more in those 24 hours than any other two people in a year. so in a sense, this room is a hyper-speed relationship chamber where you can cut through all the unnecessary courtships and things of such. so these two spirits find themselves in a place they never thought they would be, one out of their own volition and one out of it’s skeptical nature.  once there, they began to explore the untapped regions of each other to the point where similarity and comfort was both found to have already been there and then expanded into a whole new level of kinship.

such as two magnets facing north would repel each other, those two kindred spirits faced a similar effect. not knowing why, the skeptical one, pushed by its conviction towards this kinship, decided to give the other one the space it assuringly needed.  later on it discovered that it was a mistake to do so. well, maybe not cause too much of something is just as tough as too much of nothing. this space became acres of land mines and patches of desert storms and haunting willows. however come the time where these two spirits meet, these lands become non-existent, or in fact, become a territory to be crossed by either side to reach a place of conclusion.

at the pace of a leopard, these two spirits were drawn to each other in a phenomenal way that neither one of them has ever experienced,  and at the same pace, one of those two escaped the unwavering conclusion of having been wrong all that time. wrong about what? wrong about that being at this so called place of higher being is just about right! and at the pace of a snail just like the one in the photograph up there, this skeptical spirit, tried and tried again to tap into the knowledge of well being. skeptical it may have been, but never the less, it wasn’t negligent, it wasn’t weary of all the battering rams piercing into the barricades on its walls.

ahhhh, so it came to a point where the distance became uncrossable from one side, is it not beyond normal to actually stand there waiting for the other spirit to walk the distance? it’s beyond that of a normal spirit, especially a skeptical one at that! so it waited, it waited and it called out in eager anticipation. eager, willing and hopeful, it never gave up hope.

but who’s to blame? no one is to blame really, it brought it onto itself willing to live with the consequences of its unwavering convictions.  therefor, no ill feelins were establish from its end, only frustration. and then one day those battering rams turn into dragons of clay, metal, stone and fire. all the barricades were shattered to pieces and there was nothing left but a mere fragment of what was once magnificent.  but regardless of how much distance this spirit had to cover, for some strange reason beyond any human conception, beyond what all medical sciences and voodoo magik could possibly comprehend, its conviction still remains unwavering, and it’s ability to accept still remains intact. all in the pursuit of a conclusion. but it seems that its to no avail. who’s to say, maybe one day this conviction would shift or change or anything really. but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

some of you may ask that its in pursuit of a shadow, of something that’s nonexistent. but try saying that to that retard of a spirit.


~ by Mazz on 26 February, 2007.

4 Responses to “The Pursuit”

  1. okay, well you started off on the right foot by telling us at least that you made a wrong decision but you never elaborated on that…or did i read to fast?

    well all in all headpats and what the hell is that photo of?

  2. hahaha, well dragonsvamp, i think you read too fast. and that photo is of a giant snail i have in my aquarium! took me ages to shoot it! reverse lens macro style! you should click on it and read the info

  3. mazz.. I have to say that sometimes it takes me sometime to understand your posts.. but finally.. I get to the point.. maybe because you usually get a new thought out of the one you are thinking about and writing and so on.. but I have always found your way of putting things nicely different..

    I like your new pics theme 😀 watch out!!!

  4. these days i Pursuit myself!! 🙂 ur post made me think a lot! thnx
    and nice header, i like it

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