it is, it truly is. ever since i was a kid, there are three or four words that immidiately made me as furious  as an angry bull. that was if i were to be called those words by a stranger, cause i’d just either ignore it or if i’m in the mood, i’d punch the living daylights out of them. but to be called a lier or a thief or an idiot by anyone that is significant to me is just way over the top. especially if it comes from a person i hold dearly.

once upon a time when i was a little boy in high school, i was called a thief by the closest people to me, and it took me months to recover. ever since, those three words just press a button. so a word of advice to all you people out there, NEVER call me a thief, NEVER call me a lier, and most of all, DO NOT CALL ME STUPID. the only person that’s allowed to call me stupid is myself, and neither of you people are close enough to me so that i’d consider you myself. and you know what else bothers me even more? is if  a person has a vice, and then comes and tells me that i had that vice! i mean, where do they get off calling me this and that? but that’s beside the point.

ahhhhhh, all this raving madness was fueled by a conversation i had with a person i really looked at with kind eyes and wishes of well being regardless of the insanity they have in their heads. imagine, a person i held somewhere up there in my list of people fueling so much anger? now that’s messed up. i know that i’m raving but there is no other purpose to this post other than to let out some of my frustration.  you want to know what makes it ever funnier? it’s that i was working on a song before that whole irrational conversation! i was actually in a good mood and stuff. eh… what’s really weird, is that two nights ago i had a waking dream, i was half asleep, and as i was waking up i had a dream “or nightmare” that me and this person were having a serious row. it’s been ages since i had a dream, and i do mean AGES! i’m just sad that out of all the things i could have dreamed or foreseen, i foresaw that one…

but i guess life’s funny that way…ilmuhim, bil akher tile3 il mawdoo3 ya imma 7aki fadi aw inno ana inda7ak 3alai aw ma fhimto mazbout! o hayni ba2ool, inno ana 7mar. again, ana 7mar! but should you call me that i’d kick you ass.


~ by Mazz on 26 February, 2007.

One Response to “Scandalous”

  1. well in my opinion if someone seriously called you any of those three things and they were serious about it then there is no way in heck those people are your ‘true’ friends.

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