Social Conditioning

Roses are red.

they say that roses are red. but seeing how most parts of this entire culture is based on guilt of not doing the right thing and the guilt trips of being forced to be one with the group collective. which group doesn’t really matter cause sooner or later you have to comply with the social consensus. so what do you do? you just bend over like a good little boy and say sorry! i don’t care! that’s where it all lies, you don’t really care about yourself to begin with, so instead of doing what your brains and hearts tell you to do, you decide to take the easier route and just f****** follow blindly to this elusive social consensus. yes, a fairy easy deal but none the less, it could quite possibly be the end of your own collective.

so like i said, roses are red…who’s to say? you see, when i say rose, most people would think “RED” not just cause it’s been said over and over again, but cause it’s been instilled into our brains that roses are red. such are loads of things that we face in our lives. for example, when you’re a kid, you’re taught that talking about sex for example is wrong and “3eib”. so naturally, what do you do? one of two things, learn about it the wrong way and hide it from your family, or you decide you’re too scared of your family ever finding out that you don’t talk about it. come the time you “consummate your marriage” or otherwise, you’re a total fool and don’t know how to react or do the right thing. another example, a much simpler and cleaner one at that, the concept of going out with friends, most people hang out with the same people in the same places when they’re teens cause they’re afraid that their friends would dislike them for being a single individual. other example, FASHION! HANGOUT SPOTS! dear lord all mighty! just be yourselves people! it isn’t all that hard, just cause you’re afraid that people will judge you and make you feel alienated doesn’t mean you should fall blindly into the allure of cool and being part of the group continuum!.

here’s a part worth reading,
i’ve always said “kul ilnas 3andhom 3oqdet intima2, mu3zamhom hay il 3oqdeh bitkoon il intima2 lil jama3a, o fee nas lal ard, lal fikra, lal deen la ay shi! bas lazem yikoon munatmi la shi!”
now i’m not saying that belonging is a bad thing, quite the opposite really, one who doesn’t belong is rarely ever a formed person unless they’re a pioneer intheir thoughts. but what i see is something very disturbing, teens dressing up way too old for their age! i mean, what happened to living your age? what happened to being who you are? sure, if you’ve had brothers and sisters that are 10 years older than you are and stuff it’s only normal for you to be older than you age.

what happens is that when you realize you’re different, you get so sick and tired of the feeling of loneliness and the shit you get for being misunderstood that you either become bitter at the world around you or you decide to imitate and follow blindly. what’s even worse is when you just follow something cause it looks cool and fun.

Embrace your indivisualism! but don’t TRY to be different! just embrace yourself, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find people like me and most of my friends and some of the people who read this blog who will accept you for who and what you are.

i know i know i’m ranting, but let me! this is my blog after all!

so, back to roses, they’re supposed to be red right? nope, they’re not supposed to be any color.just like a cool guy isn’t supposed to smoke marlboro lights, or hangout in a place, or wear torn jeans or drink or smoke argheela or date the cool chick or eat at a certain place or any of that stuff. just like an 18-year old girl isn’t supposed to look like she’s 26 or only hang out in expensive places and talk in english or i don’t know what girls do these days to be part of the cool crowd. in my deffinition,

Cool: Honest, truthful, and rightious.

are you cool? or are you just trying to be? i say again, Roses are red,
or are they?
Or Are they?

i guess that all this ranting can be summerized in a few words, just be who and what you are with no regard to what others may think of you. if you’re wrong, someone out there will tell you or you’ll find out yourself. and if you really are as good as you think you are, you’ll fix it.

My favourite english word for now is “Eclecticism” , here’s a wikipedia deffinition

Eclecticism is a conceptual approach that does not hold rigidly to a single paradigm or set of assumptions, but instead draws upon multiple theories, styles, or ideas to gain complementary insights into a subject, or applies different theories in particular cases.

It can be inelegant, and eclectics are sometimes criticised for lack of consistency in their thinking, but it is common in many fields of study. For example, most psychologists accept parts of behaviorism, but do not attempt to use the theory to explain all aspects of human behavior. A statistician may use frequentist techniques on one occasion and Bayesian ones on another.


~ by Mazz on 18 February, 2007.

10 Responses to “Social Conditioning”

  1. amazing post, if not your best post ever!

    All I was to say here is, I thank god for meeting such decent people like you and the rest of my group.

  2. I agree with your post. Nowadays its pretty sad that ppl do things just because they want to fit in or give let ppl perceive them a certain way.

    I’m the way I am, I don’t a 6oo6 what people think about me. I’m my own person

  3. I love black roses. Of course they are not naturally black, they are either painted or genetically manipulated, but they are cool. Purple roses as well. I hate white roses, they are depressing. Love red roses as well. Just because I think they are beautiful.

    Anyway, the older you get, the less you care about your environment en the more you start thinking about yourself. Also over time you will get people around you that accept you how you are and the friendships will be more steady. I think.

    And I don’t think people now try to fit in more than before, it has always been that way….

  4. @Moey: thank 🙂
    @ananyah: excellent! one down, 12971536-2134 to go
    @*eSThER*: true, but even though it’s always been that way, that doesn’t mean it should be that way. imagine a world where everyone was themselves. you’d get all sorts of bad with the good..but just imagine the amount of cultural and social growth you’d have!

  5. @Mazz: true…but how can you be completely yourself, I mean, everybody is influenced by their environment, so what do you call “yourself” and what part of you don’t you call yourself. Even though it is influenced, it is still part of yourself. So, the question is: where does yourself end and where does the part formed by the people and society around you start.

    Hmm, why don’t you speak Dutch, much easier to communicate bout things like this ;).

  6. @esther: well, it is a very tricky thing indeed. which is why a person must be on a constant effort suite to know who they truly are and not bullshit themselves!

  7. gr8 post man…i am what i am…don’t care a shit for what other ppl say…:)

    keep it up!

  8. If ya’ll don’t like me blow me

    To tell you the truth I thank god that I realized this truth before its too late; I used to be worried of what people think of me while I was younger but now I really don’t care, to the hell with it.

    The human nature prefers swimming with the current and not against it, I believe it’s an error in the community that defines the current and makes it the only right thing. If you didn’t swim with “the current” then you are odd and you are guilty, but hey let me swim in any current I like, and I can assure you I’m not alone.

  9. Well, going with the current is a survival thing I think. If you live in a herd and you stray, there is much more change of getting eaten by some predator. Maybe this drive is still part of human nature.

  10. it’s amazing mazen i loved it! inta u know my point of view.. roses to me are always white.. i loved the white rose u made for me also hehehe good job and good luck for more to come =) merci beaucoup!

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