Excuse me, did i ask?


it’s really funny that now that i’ve cut my hair, people all over the office and friends and family are telling me it looks nice, or in the most part, people who actually thought i looked bad in long hair told me i made a mistake! ah, never the less, i’m not really all that much interested in what most people would say cause i’m more interested in what i have to say.

but here’s the deal, if someone doesn’t ask you, don’t answer! i mean, how hard is it to keep your opinion to yourself??!??! you just keep your lips stuck together and that’s it! presto! problem solved! i really don’t need people to tell me their 10-years in the fasion in dustry perspective on my hair! for crying out loud! since when did you all become critics? and what’s really funny is that people are telling me that i still have long hair! BY WHAT FRIGGIN’ STANDARD? i chopped off more than 80% of it!

to answer all the questions, unless i ask of you to tell me what you think, DONT SHARE cause i don’t CARE! and i’m sure i’ll be getting people telling me what they think here! to be honest, the only reason i’m writing this post is cause i’m bored and i kinda like this photo taken with my Nokia 6260 2MP Camera!

Cheers everyone! excuse me for ranting.


~ by Mazz on 15 February, 2007.

13 Responses to “Excuse me, did i ask?”

  1. ya sidi na3eman, eza beseer.

  2. lol! Samer Beik bitla3lo yi7ki illi biddoyyah! it was nice seeing you today man!

  3. Na3iman, ya Mazz. It was great to meet you yesterday. As a former hippie 70s girl, I like long hair…whoops!…I’m not supposed to say! Current is nice, though.

  4. Careful Kinzi.. You dont want mazz to give u that ( Excuse me did i ask) look 🙂

    but in my opinion.. he looks cute anyhow 😉

  5. He he,thats the norm:)

    I came in once with a change of haircolor, Blond to Red aaaand the “whats suits her better” started and tab3an the advices of how to keep the color radiant, what haircut would suit the color better, what my nex step will be,yada yada yada, yawn yawn yawn:p

  6. Well, you are overreacting a bit here I think. I mean you apparently make a big deal out of your haircut yourself as well. One time liking it, the next time disliking it.
    Anyway, giving unwanted opinions is human nature, better get used to it ;).

    BTW: I am applying for a job where they ASK for someone who can give opinions, wanted and unwanted. Sound like THE job for me 😉 hehehe.

  7. Nice to see man! Cheers!

  8. u remind me of this superhero guy or was it the joker?

  9. it’s probably the joker!

  10. Why do all Mazen wear glasses…maybe coz we’re fucking smart!

    na3eeman anyway..

  11. hahahaha
    got that straight Maze!
    Cheers dude!

  12. well i don’t like it and i don’t care if you don’t care. im gonna say what i think no matter what. lol

  13. short hair is always better on boys.

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