Okay, so once upon a time i met this unique individual who goes by the name “Nada Jaffal” through a friend of mine. now, while Nada did seem a little off center, i never imagined that she could possibly be as creative as she is! i was browsing the nexus of people i know on the internet and i come upon this incredible website!

Knafeh Lip Balm “it’ll be changed soon” . now, the name itself sounds a little quirky to say the least! so i start looking and i realize that’s it’s basically Nada’s portal to show the rest of the world a little bit of her creative and slap you upside the head humor! what she does, is that she comes up with these incredible ways to send a message, yet seriously crack you up for the rest of the day! i visit her website on a regular basis and every single time i see things like that knafeh flavor lip balm i break into an uncontrolled laugh that carries on for a couple of minutes!

Her greeting cards line is impressive to say the least, unlike anything i’ve personally seen and they directly relate to things we hear or see every day! my favs are the S.B. Chewing gum T-shirt among most of the rest of her work! so, if you feel like wearing a smile or something to put on a smile on other people’s faces, pay a visit to and drop a line or two to Nada!

Nada Jaffal, please do keep it up and always give us more to chose from! jot me down as a regular customer!


~ by Mazz on 13 February, 2007.

4 Responses to “Krootco”

  1. LOL Nada’s?? heheee

  2. thank you… thank you… thank you… thank you… thank you… thank you… thank you…
    thanks a lot for your words Mazen!! i’m really speechless! we should meet to talk anout the website ;D

  3. Nada rocks šŸ™‚

  4. šŸ™‚
    Farah: what do you mean?
    Nada: i have to agree with moey here!
    Moey: yeah, she does!

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