Manic Delusions


once upon a time, i was taking a cab home at night when the cab driver was starting to complain about how expensive everything is. being the listener type, i politely nodded and let hm carry on. the more he talked, the more frustrated and angry he became, to the point where he started saying that he’ll have to start carrying a gun in his cab just cause if he finds someone that he thinks can live without the money and watch he’s carrying, he’d use it.

i started laughing a little bit, to ease the tension this man was building up and to express how much i didn’t think that that was likely to happen cause jordan is such a safe country. then again, the more he talked the more agitated he became. he explained to me how when everything is getting more and more expensive, the salaries and incomes are pretty much stagnant. therefor,  those of us who cannot hold more jobs than what they do already, will have to resort to other means. what i thought was a little out there though was when he said that soon, within the next 6 months people will be mugged in the streets, houses will be broken into, and sooner or later we’re gonna have armed robberies.

now i’m not saying that people being mugged and so on isn’t unheard of in jordan, but it’s highly unlikely. i mean, i can basically walk down the street at 3:30 am alone and with no protection and not feeling the least bit worried. today when i looked at the papers, i read the article title in arabic saying that the Jordanian Power Company has been robbed overnight for 180 thousand dinar’s worth. that’s a little over a quarter million us dollars. i wasn’t entirely shocked cause i knew that these things will start to happen more often sooner or later with the current factors put into consideration.

further more, what totally drove that cab driver up the wall was when i asked him why his son didn’t work! he said, my son can’t work! he’s in university. i simply replied by saying that that never stopped anyone before. unless you don’t want to spend the effort.

wow, 250,000 $ in one night.

now that’s what i call making a living.


~ by Mazz on 6 February, 2007.

2 Responses to “Manic Delusions”

  1. hehehe yeah, university students are brats

  2. I can so totally see that happening. people get frustrated when they can’t provide for their families and maintain a standard of living and when this happens it can go way out of hand.

    I just can’t stand how the younger generation isn’t trying to be more productive. they are being babied and spoilt unbelievably by the older generation and because of this they feel they have the right to suck their parents dry of their hard earnings and not try and make their way through on their own.

    how sad and pathetic.

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